Heinz to screen 4 ads at once during Super Bowl

Today, Pittsburgh- and Chicago-based brand Heinz confirmed they will bring to life four ads at once for the big game. Whaaaaat? With so much happening in just thirty seconds, Heinz guarantees fans will want to watch the ad multiple times to spot all the ‘goodness’ packed into one spot.

The brand, and agency Wieden+Kennedy, isn’t revealing all the details just yet. For now, the ketchup is encouraging fans to do everything they can to ensure they’re paying close attention during the second quarter, fourth commercial break.

Fans will get the first look at Heinz’s ad in a cryptic 15-second clip that launched today.

Heinz teased scenes featuring a _____ in a ____, _____ your significant other’s evil family of _____, ______ on another planet and ______ to a house with a candelabra lit by a ______. The hero of these stories, and so many stories is a ______ of beloved ______ that reminds all of us that it’s ________ when things feel ______.

There are a handful of surprises for eagle-eyed viewers of Heinz’s ad, like _________ and _________. Get ready to watch closely – blink and you might miss it!

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“Heinz brings goodness to any and all situations, whether it’s at the local diner, on the dinner table, or at your big game viewing party,” said Dalia Adler, brand building lead. “That’s why we couldn’t pick just one to feature on football’s biggest stage. Fans should be ready to hit rewind.”

“The notion of using the big game to present a conceptual media art piece is very attractive to me,” said the director of the HEINZ ad, Roman Coppola. “By telling four stories at once, this ad is unusual and I’m eager for people to experience it communally with family and friends during the big game. Then I hope that they will have fun re-watching to further discover the multiple stories …”

Over the last couple of Super Bowls, DDB Chicago has been known to pull an attention-getting stunt for Skittles, such as having David Schwimmer screen the candy brand’s Super Bowl spot to one teenager or last year, sponsoring a Broadway halftime show with Dexter’s Michael C. Hall.