Havas creates “Shoe Store” installation for Black History

Havas Chicago, pardon the pun, is Black at it, for Black History Month with another outstanding installation. Since 2017, the agency’s diversity and inclusion platform, #BLACKATWORK, has become a pathway to a deeper discussion on diversity and equality.

This year for Black History Month, Havas Chicago has created a “shoe store” installation in their downtown lobby that highlights an issue known as the Dream Gap – a lack of black professional representation that limits dreams to stereotypes and the same old role models.

The Black employee-led activation, “Shoes for Black People,” aims to expand what is represented in culture, in order to change the culture of what’s possible. What appears to be a shoe store on the outside transforms into a celebration of the all-stars off the court; the Black leaders who break boundaries and lead the way in their industries.

Through shoes, portraits and editorials, remarkable Black people who are thriving in a multitude of spaces in present day America are highlighted. Look below:

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According to a Havas spokeswoman, each installation is carefully thought of several months in advance. Planning discussions for Black History Month began back in October. After landing on The Dream Gap as the focal point for 2020, it took about one month for execution.

Building this year’s installation took approximately 20 hours and was built with their in house production team – Scott Englert & Mike Gorz.

Entertainers and athletes shouldn’t be the only representations of successful Black people for the world to celebrate. From a video game entrepreneur and an international opera singer to a sommelier and a cellist, their stories help others imagine not only what they can do, but how they can do it.

This is how Havas bridges the Dream Gap – celebrating black professionals on an All-Star level.

And once again, it’s inspirational and powerful.

SOURCE: Havas, Chicago