Halo Top wants us to stop “shoulding” ourselves

(Stop shoulding yourself)

Halo Top’s new spot- featuring music from Momma Haze and some really bad-ass dance moves, serves to solidify the brand as the angel of ice cream.  Offering a wide assortment of dairy, non-dairy and keto ice cream flavors with a much higher nutritive value than most of its peers, Halo top has stayed ahead of the curve in offering sweet treats while rejecting the idea that you need to feel guilty for enjoying dessert.

Created by Deloitte Digital’s Heat, “Dance,” using slogan #stopshouldingyourself, is inspiring to watch. The music is infectious and the premise relatable. It’s beyond time women stop spending so much time wondering about what “should” be their place and start embracing their power to lead.

If Quarantine hasn’t left you throwing your own solo dance party in your undies, you’re either lying or definitely in need of more therapy, and if you’re not well stocked on ice cream, might I suggest the brand’s vegan peanut butter cup. Watch below:

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“Our fans put a lot of pressure on themselves, and both men and women alike struggle with the ‘shoulds’ in their lives, especially around body image and food choices. Here at Halo Top, we want to help our fans to stop ‘shoulding’ themselves by giving them a moment in their day when they can simply feel good and rejoice in who they are and what makes them happiest while enjoying dessert,” says Shilpa Gadhok, senior brand manager, Halo Top

Not only is it fun and uplifting, but it’s also directed beautifully. This is the first spot coming out of Halo Top’s new creative AOR since the brand was acquired by Wells Enterprises. 

It’s fair to say America has been in dire need of media featuring plus-sized non-white women embracing joy. I’m happy to see a brand going this route with its marketing. I’m also eager to find out what’s next for the brand and for the video’s Production Company, Anonymous Content (US).

For now, I’ll be in my own apartment dancing around with some Halo Top in hand. Let’s all aim to be a little more scandalizing to our neighbors. It’ll keep us young.

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Deloitte Digital’s Heat is launching the spot today and I’m honored to have had one of the first peeks.


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MEDIA Mediasmith

SOURCE: Deloitte Digital

Laura Day is a Reel New York correspondent. Contact her at Laura@reelchicago.com