Halle Berry, Shawn Mendes among Flow ambassadors

(CREDIT: Trina Stewart / Shutterstock.com)

Flow Water Inc. today announces the launch of its newest North American advertising and marketing campaign. The “Beautiful Inside and Out” and “Uplifting Hydration” ads feature a compelling and diverse range of iconic personalities including actress Halle Berry, The Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo and singer-songwriter, Shawn Mendes.

The brand says they were recognized for their commitment to health, wellness, and sustainability, inspiring us to do better and be better.

The campaign emphasizes Flow’s ongoing mission to inspire personal wellness through the power of drinking delicious, mineral-rich alkaline spring water. The campaign also reinforces the positive environmental impact of choosing a water brand like Flow, which is packaged in a more sustainable, Tetra-Pak™ carton instead of plastic bottles.

“I am so excited to be a part of a campaign and company that celebrates and supports the positive effects of choosing sustainably sourced and packaged water.”

Shawn Mendes
Photo Credit: Tommy Agriodimas for Flow Alkaline Spring Water

The Flow “family of talent” featured in the campaign includes many of the brand’s celebrity investors and shareholders, who also happen to be loyal Flow consumers:

  • Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Shawn Mendes, who is also Flow’s sustainability ambassador
  • Award-winning actress, director, producer, activist, and founder of health and wellness platform re-spin, Halle Berry
  • NBA basketball player, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Russell Westbrook
  • Taboo from the global icons Black Eyed Peas
  • Author, health and wellness entrepreneur, on-camera personality, Hannah Bronfma
  • British-American model Paloma Elsesser

Mendes notes, “Flow has teamed up with me and my foundation (SMF) to provide Wonder Grants to sustainability activists who focus on clean water access and conservation. As one of millions of young people passionate about creating a better future for our planet, I hope to continue to make a difference with this forward-thinking brand that shares the same goals.”

“Our campaign is grounded in the same visual language that has helped make the Flow brand a favorite with nearly 18 million consumers: a sophisticated balance of wit, positivity, energy and color,” says Krissie Millan, Flow’s chief marketing officer. “Together with this talented team, we created uplifting, energizing imagery that speaks to the positivity and optimism of Flow as a brand and a company.”

“I love the authenticity of this campaign,” adds Flow founder and executive chairman Nicholas Reichenbach. “The vibrant personalities we feature in our ads are all Flow consumers themselves. They are sharing their love of Flow and its mission and reminding us to make healthier choices for our bodies and the planet. It’s more a celebration of a movement — which, in turn, will support Flow’s continued distribution expansion in North America.”

In addition to digital and billboard advertising, Flow is supporting retail partners including Target, Whole Foods Market, Safeway, Walmart, Stop & Shop, and Wegmans, with omni-channel marketing and ad programs that will bring the campaign’s important message to life for millions of consumers this spring and summer.