Green The Bid adds more leaders to board

(Green the Bid’s newest members)

Green The Bid the grassroots initiative and community supporting the advertising industry in shifting to zero-waste, net-carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices, has added additional leadership to its Advisory Board.

The newly added Advisory Board Members Are:

“As someone who is personally and professionally committed to Social Justice and working in spaces that are actively participating in creating stories that inspire impact and change through the CDDP and other organizations, I am happy to support Green The Bid in their efforts for climate Justice,” comments Lamison.

She adds, “We have so much work to do in so many places. And there is a correlation between Climate Justice and Social Justice. It is important that we acknowledge this intersectionality and I look forward to being a part of Green the Bid’s efforts to fight climate change by leaving less of a carbon footprint in the world of commercial production.”

“The need for sustainable practice in our industry has long been recognized and with the coronavirus pandemic, alternatives in the way we streamline the production process have been recognized, a catalyst if you like to reevaluate sustainable behavior, a broader conversation for every industry,” says Fiona King.

“Green The Bid both supports and echoes Sweetshop’s global initiatives and I’m honored to be on the board and looking forward to growing knowledge in this space among a team of specialists and industry professionals.“

“Ever wonder who created the production process? Moguls with mustaches who ran Hollywood before movies had sound,” relates Becky Morrison. “The problem is: the process they designed is highly extractive. It depletes people and natural resources. But it doesn’t have to be that way! That’s why The Light & Green the Bid are focusing on the intersectionality of social and environmental justice. We’re creating a whole new production model for the 21st century.”

According to Zanger, “Most people see our finished work, without thinking about the resources used. There have been some sincere efforts for brands, agencies and production companies to reduce the impact, yet we need a unified force to make sustainability a constant instead of a “nice to have.” What would be “nice to have” is a planet that begins to heal, and we’ll work hard to do our part.”

The new members join the following individuals to make up a board that provides expert guidance in building an inclusive, productive, and forward-thinking organization with key global alliances for ultimate effectiveness:

  • Andrea Bakacs, Senior Art Producer, Wieden+Kennedy Portland
  • Leah Bernthal, Founder, Every Purpose 
  • Laura Busino, Head of Content Production, Ford Motor Company
  • Pamala Buzick, Co-Founder, poolhouse
  • Yvette Cobarrubias, Co-Founder + Managing Partner, Cosmo Street Editorial
  • Jo Coombes, Founder + Project Lead, AdGreen
  • Antoinette de Lisser, Head of New Business, The Progress Film Company
  • Tricia Duffy, Founder, Lily Grey
  • Sean French, VP of Sales, Quixote
  • Bonnie Goldfarb, Co-Founder, Harvest Films
  • Matt Hunnicutt, Executive Director of Production, Wieden+Kennedy Portland
  • Ari Kuschnir, Founder, M ss ng P eces
  • Ariel Leon Isacovitch, Managing Partner/EP, The Roots
  • Daniel Marin, Head of Production, JOAN Creative; President, JOAN Studios
  • Lisa Mehling, Owner, Chelsea Pictures
  • Gloria Pitagorsky, Partner, Heard City
  • Carol Pock, Sustainability Knowledge Lead, APR
  • Shelby Ross, Executive Producer

Green The Bid, is a community of over 100 companies and organizations and will hold its next member meeting on April 28th.