Green Party teams with Creature for ITV, BBC

The Green Party will tonight launch a party political broadcast completely unlike any of its competitors. The party has, for the fourth time, teamed up with Creature, the advertising agency that set the internet alight with some of the most popular party political broadcasts of the last decade including  “The Not So Secret Life of 5-Year-Old Politicians,” “The Race to Number 10” and “Change the Tune.”

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party and Green candidate for London Mayor is featured in the broadcast. She calls for a rejection of lies and political ‘bluster’ in favoor of hardworking, honest GreenParty representatives. 

Sian Berry

The new creative imagines a shopping channel segment called Quick Win TV, the “go to place for every politician in need of votes” with the hosts presenting various wares to help inauthentic politicians such as the ‘Faux-sterity Edition Budget Briefcase’ and the ‘NHS Calculator’ – a calculator that will always calculate an impressive number of nurses you can pledge to inject into the NHS, regardless of reality.

The tone is bouncy and light, but there is a darker side to the hilarity as the realization slowly dawns that these ‘jokes’ have in fact been used by politicians as recently as the last election – if not since.

It is a bold and direct approach, tackling the lack of trust that is felt towards the majority of political parties, and sending a message to the public that these ‘Quick Win’ tactics are the antithesis of what the Green Party stands for.  Watch below:

Head of Communications for the party Gemma Walker said: “Quick Win politics is what we’re seeing everywhere we look at the moment and everyone is just tired of it. The takeaway from this film is that the Green Party is where people can feel confident to put their trust and their votes if they want to see things that matter actually getting done in their communities. We deliver what we say we will and don’t rely on spin to get people to believe in us.”

Dan Cullen-Shute added, “In a political world that’s somewhat lacking in consistency or common sense, the Green Party continue to show their enviable commitment to both – not least in bringing us on board to make another Party Political Broadcast, which we were as excited to do as we’ve ever been. And, as ever, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve produced with that brilliant gang.”

“It was a real collaborative effort between the production company Ntropic and Creature to bring this incredibly witty and enjoyable script to life,” added Director KAM. “We were lucky to find fantastic actors who were very flexible and professional on shoot day.”

Ntropic’s EP, Laura Livingstone, also lauded the collaborative process, saying, “Our team in the US and UK really came together to realise the overall creative vision. Not only was it a perfect project for KAM — ripe for her to get the performances, to nail the distinct humour, and achieve the specific look — it was also a gem of a project and a brilliant agency creative team on board. Working with such great people helped us pull out all the stops to create this wonderful film.”

The film airs tonight on ITV at 6.25pm and BBC One at 6.55pm


CLIENT – Green Party

AGENCY – Creature of London

  • Creative Directors – Ben Middleton, Stu Outhwaite-Noel
  • Associate Creative Directors – Steven Dodd, Josh Dando
  • CSO – Andrew Gibson
  • Head of Production – Kristie Girvan
  • Account Director – Sian Richards


  • Director – KAM
  • Producer – Zoë Waller, Laura Livingstone

SOUND – Factory

Sound Engineer – Mark HillsS

Post-Production – Ntropic

MUSIC – Siren

Composer – James Collins & Fiachra Oireachtai

SOURCE: The Green Party