‘Arrow’ leaves w/definitive answer on John Diggle

Eight seasons in the making. That’s all I can say. As we bid a teary farewell last night to The CW’s Arrow, the series starring Stephen Amell that launched the Arrowverse with Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman and the upcoming Superman and Lois and Stargirl, we were left with one answer and a series of questions, oh like is John Diggle, Oliver’s best friend, destined to become The Green Lantern?

SPOILER ALERT: John Diggle (played by actor David Ramsey) is indeed John Stewart the popular African American Green Lantern.

In the episode’s final moments, we are with John as he delivers a final monologue. He kisses Lyla, his wife and two kids bye outside of their home. Mia Queen, Oliver’s daughter, return to the future, we see Oliver’s impact on Star City and finally we are with John as he is driving a moving van.

A meteor rockets out of the sky, crashing near John and propelling him into the side of his van. After he recovers, John then moves to inspect the crater where it landed. Upon further inspection, he discovers that it’s not a rock at all, but a box. He opens it. And before you can say, “in brightest day, in blackest night…” Diggle is bathed in a green light.

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Afterwards, actor David Ramsey told this to TV Guide, “We did have some restrictions from DC, so we had to kind of play within that. But it wouldn’t be Arrow if there wasn’t some question even after that opened-ended tease. And it’s a huge tease, and obviously, your mind goes to only one thing — there being a ring and him becoming this wonderful character and joining this galactic police group — but it’s still open-ended, and that’s the way we wanted to leave it. It was great to have some sort of answer, but we’re left with some questions.”

Fans have long speculated that Diggle would eventually become The Arrowverse’s incarnation of Green Lantern, and while the show has teased the possibility in the past, this seems like pretty solid confirmation.

Whether this version of Green Lantern will appear on the new HBO Max series or as a co-star on Superman and Lois remains to be seen. But we know GL is out there now.

“In brightest day, in blackest night…” Oooh I got goosebumps.

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