gotham celebrates Gloria Vanderbilt jeans legacy

(Courtesy Gotham)

You didn’t misread. Not Vanderpump. Vanderbilt. As in the famous jeans that were popular almost 50 years ago.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans, working with gotham, has launched the brand’s new “I HAVE NEEDS. FIT THEM” fall campaign, that features actress, producer, and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

The campaign celebrates the legacy left by Vanderbilt, a pioneer in the fashion industry when she created Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans, because they were the first designer jeans made specifically with the needs of women in mind, nearly 50 years ago. 

Now, the fall campaign is meant to inspire women everywhere to take a moment and put themselves first in their daily lives – and speak up for what they want.

The most iconic GVs are reflected in the Amanda Series, as worn by Priyanka, which includes the Amanda Classic, one of the original fits Gloria Vanderbilt developed that are timeless. And they look great on everybody.

Why now? Gloria Vanderbilt was created nearly 50 years ago, so as the brand started to approach this milestone, they felt that now was the right time to celebrate the brand’s legacy as the first designer jeans brand that has consistently used a women’s point of view to influence the design.

“Priyanka embodies everything our brand stands for as someone who wants to inspire women to put the elves first.  And our all-woman design team ensures we’re not only designing jeans with women in mind, but that our designs are on the forefront of fashion technology and sustainability which has allowed our brand to consistently be known for its fit – and stand the test of time,” says – Jack Gross, CEO at ONE Jeanswear Group. Watch below:


Here’s a look at some print, OOH and POS:

“Fashion icon and trailblazer Gloria Vanderbilt represents what happens when one woman puts herself first. This is the legacy she created with Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans and the inspiration behind the creative for the campaign. We hope women everywhere will be inspired to do the same,” notes Hans Dorsinville, Chief Creative Officer at gotham. 

“We are extremely excited to reveal Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans’ new fall 2022 campaign featuring actress, producer, and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The “I HAVE NEEDS. FIT THEM” campaign celebrates the legacy left by Gloria Vanderbilt as the first designer jeans brand that consistently uses a woman’s point of view to influence the design,” adds Jack Gross

Remember not Vanderpump. Vanderbilt.

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