Gen Z agency is winning pitch after pitch

(Carson Doyle run by GenZ for GenZ)

In the age of Gen Z, creative strategy depends on brand authenticity. It is a well-known truth that brands are scrambling to understand and connect with the next wave of consumers.

Authenticity, however, is not achieved by merely understanding Gen Z… brands need to start thinking like them. This is where global advertising agency, Carson+Doyle, comes in.

Bringing an infusion of genuine Gen Z perspective to brands in need of reaching (and making an impact on) young consumers, the agency explores and determines how brands maintain authenticity.

“We’re determined to bring insights to the table that no one else can find. We’re agile, resourceful, and we hustle. We’re a small team with big ambitions, and we love proving that our insights and knowledge of Gen Z can benefit both brands and consumers.”

-Managing Director, charilie naus

The entire agency is Gen Z. From startups in their launch phase to global powerhouses, Carson+Doyle works with brands of all shapes and sizes to help them differentiate and hone their approach to Gen Z amongst a sea of competition.

Don’t be fooled by their age; you might see their work in the form of lenses and filters on Snapchat, or in 15 second snippets on connected TV platforms like Hulu and Roku.

Their most recent lens work with Tinder was featured as a National Lens on Snapchat, live for 24 hours to every user in the U.S. over the age of 18. Their ads are also cropping up across social media as Carson+Doyle tackles their clients’ brand strategy to bring native content to each specific platform.

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In the midst of all of this, they recently worked with Backcountry Access to lift sales by 150% through a 60-day integrated campaign. In London, they partnered with one of the fastest growing restaurant groups, Tootoomoo and reached over 2 million locals in their latest project.

Carson+Doyle has also been supporting Tinder in developing and producing paid media campaigns to drive user acquisition. They’re comprehensive too; this ambitious Gen Z team is working directly with Google’s in-house performance agency to ensure they optimize even the future campaign efforts of the brands they manage.

“We are thrilled to be working with brands across industries to support the way they communicate with their Gen Z audience. Our goal is to establish an authentic connection between the brand and the consumer, while maintaining their core messaging. At the end of the day, our generation isn’t all that different — I think it just comes down to understanding the unique culture we participate in on a daily basis and knowing when an idea will stick and when it won’t, says Carson+Doyle Creative Director, Thomas Brazier.

These case studies are illuminating a shift in how brands speak to Gen Z audiences. 2021 is the year of Gen Z; purchasing power and decision making is evolving as this new wave of consumers takes centerstage. Carson+Doyle is right on time in driving home their mission of building better brands for the next generation.