GEICO goes head-to-head with Angry Birds

(Geico Homeowners deal with a new problem)

The latest spot by GEICO, from The Martin Agency, will have you thinking of safeguarding your windows. Your planters on the patio. And anything else that might not be bolted down. Why? 

Everybody’s favorite flightless flock has found its way back to your screens. That’s right, Angry Birds, the mobile game characters developed by Rovio Entertainment are out of your hands and coming in hot for GEICO’s latest bundling campaign. Watch the spot below directed by O-Positive’s Brian Billow:

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“There have been so many great spots already made in the “Bundling Made Easy” campaign that it’s tough to find a twist that our audience won’t see coming. But every spot in this campaign has to start from a real home problem. So we, as recent homeowners, started listing out things that have gone wrong with our houses since we bought them,” says Martin Creative Director Kim Ngyuen.

Ngyuen adds, “Once we got that list together, we’d think of the most surprising ways to show those problems. Birds flying into windows is a real problem. It’s startling. Once we landed on birds smashing into a house, we knew Angry Birds was a perfect fit. ”

“One of the reasons this commercial is so great is that it feels so real. That’s because it was real. All the stunts in the spot were done practically. We had an incredible team of set designers, prop masters, and stunt people shooting baseballs into planters and bumping into windows. That gave us the real physical effects of the birds and let the actors react to that.” notes Associate Creative Director, Kate Placentra

This is the third time the insurance giant has worked with animated characters coming off the heels of working with The Muppets’ Animal and Hanna-Barbera Animation’s Yogi Bear. While those two are no strangers to our commercials, this will be the Angry Birds crew’s first time featured in a GEICO ad. Destroying pots and disturbing the neighbors, these feathered foes are here to remind you that GEICO makes bundling your insurance easy.   



  • Vice President, Marketing: Joe Pusateri
  • Assistant Vice President, Marketing: Amy Furman
  • Director, Marketing: Gary Aurand
  • Senior Manager, Marketing: Tom Perlozzo
  • Supervisor II, Marketing: Tim Ware
  • Program Lead I, Marketing: Brighid Griffin
  • Program Lead I, Marketing: Rese Chorpening
  • Brand Team Planner, Marketing : Allison Eckert
  • Vice President, Marketing: Joe Pusateri

AGENCY: The Martin Agency

  • Chief Creative Officer:                                 Danny Robinson
  • Executive Creative Director:                        Ashley Marshall
  • SVP, Creative Director:                                Justin Harris
  • Creative Director:                                         Kim Nguyen
  • Associate Creative Director:            Kate Placentra
  • SVP, Head of Integrated Production:         Tasha Dean
  • Executive Producer:                                      Heather Collier
  • Senior Producer:                                           Liza Miller
  • Producer:                                                       Elise Canup
  • Associate Director of Business Affairs:      Suzanne Wieringo
  • Business Affairs Coordinator:                    Lauren Garrett         
  • Senior Financial Affairs Manager:              Amy Trenz
  • Financial Account Supervisor:                    Monica Cox  
  • SVP, Group Account Director:                   Matt Mattox
  • Account Director:                                         Jon Glomb                                        
  • Account Executive:                                       Justin West
  • Senior Project Manager:                              Heather Hartman

Production Company: O Positive                  

  • Director:                                                         Brian Billow              
  • Executive Producer:                                      Ralph Laucella                     
  • Producer:                                                       Grayson Bithell

EDIT: Mackcut        

  • Editor:                                                            Pamela Petruski
  • Assistant Editor:                                           Jonathan Baum
  • Executive Producer:                                     Gina Pagano

VFX: The Mill LA                          

  • Executive Producer:                                     Anastasia Von Rahl
  • Creative Director VFX Supervisor:            John Leonti
  • Producers:                                                    Alex Bader and Derek Tekus

VFX:  Heard City                            

  • Executive Producer:                                     Jackie James
  • Mixer / Sound Designer:                              Mike Vitacco

Licensing of Angry Birds:                            David Born and Amber Chung at Born Licensing