Geico Gecko gets gamified in new Twitch campaign

(Courtesy The Martin Agency)

Say that headline three times fast. Since his debut in 1999, the Geico Gecko has loved a good co-star. We have seen Martin (his real name) team up with Heidi Black, The Angry Birds, Pinocchio and the Avengers. Who could it be this time?

Our friends at The Martin Agency say he’s in for a real treat in two new ads.

Acclaimed voice actress, Ellen McLain, best known for her role as GLaDOS in the award-winning puzzle platform game “Portal,” and video game OG Cuphead co-star in two spots exclusively on Twitch from the brand’s Gecko Gaming campaign.

In the first spot, the very lost Gecko asks GLaDOS for guidance through one of the game’s test chambers. Since the antagonist is no pushover, the Gecko’s charm fails, resulting in his attempt to escape using his portal gun, which leaves him stuck in a never-ending vortex for the signature Geico funny. Watch below:

The next one features a retro gamified Gecko drawn in Cuphead’s old-fashioned “rubber hose” animation style, with run-and-gun icon and Netflix star Cuphead teaming up to take on the infamous Cagney Carnation while explaining the ways you can save with GEICO. 

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Did you know that Frasier himself, Kelsey Grammer, was the original voice? Now voiced by British actor Jake Wood. Oh, and his name is Martin.



  • Senior Brand Marketing Supervisor Tim Ware
  • Marketing Specialist   Brighid Griffin

AGENCY: Martin Agency

  • Chief Executive Officer:                                      Kristen Cavallo
  • Chief Creative Officer:                                    Danny Robinson
  • Creative Director:                                           Ryan Raab
  • Senior Copywriter:                                          Roger Hailes
  • EVP, Head of Production:                               Tasha Dean
  • Associate Producer:                                        Sana Sourivongs
  • Junior Producer:                                              Marjorie Fajardo
  • Associate Director, Business Affairs:             Suzanne Wieringo     
  • Business Affairs Manager:                             Lauren Garrett           
  • Brand Communications Specialist:                 D’Eric Watson
  • Account Executive:                                         Justin West
  • Senior Project Manager:                                 Heather Hartman
  • Project Manager:                                            Nestor Ends


PRODUCTION COMPANY:  Studio MDHR             

  • Producer:                                                         Elis Cymet
  • COO:                                                                Maja Moldernhauer               
  • Supervising Animator:                                    Hanna Abi-Hanna

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