Run! ‘Book of Eli’ director to remake ‘The Fugitive’


Let me just start out by saying I like Albert Hughes. I thought the Denzel Washington starrer, Book of Eli, while forgettable, was solid entertainment. I also thought Menace II Society (created with brother Alan) was great for its time. That said, 1993’s The Fugitive is a perfect movie.


Warner Bros, apparently ignoring audiences who recently have said no to reboots including Men in Black: International, Charlie’s Angels, Child’s Play, Predator, Independence Day, Alien, Terminator, Shaft, The Shining sequel, Dr. Sleep and more, is going to move ahead with a new updated version.

According to Deadline, Hughes has agreed to direct the upcoming The Fugitive remake that is said to be a new take on the classic tale. The plot follows a doctor that is accused of killing his wife, but to prove his innocence, he goes on the run to find the one-armed man that is responsible for the murder.

The original film is largely viewed as a classic and featured incredible performances from Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford.

In other words, it’s a perfect film.

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What that new spin exactly entails is still not being revealed. But we will call it here – it will be an African American doctor on the run. Didn’t see that coming.

The new Fugitive will be written by Brian Tucker. The writer previously worked with Allen Hughes (Albert’s brother and frequent collaborator) on the film Broken City in 2013.

Please, Warner Bros don’t do this.

These tepid reboots are tainting our memories of classic films and it needs to stop.

The Fugitive is a perfect movie.

Obviously, it’s still far too early for a release date for the big-screen “Fugitive” remake. Maybe it’s not too late to stop it.

SOURCE: Deadline