French Riviera Film Fest winner Storage to debut on ShortsTV

(Colin Francis Costello’s Storage)

The French Riviera Film Festival (FRFF), known for celebrating exceptional short-form content, is bringing its recent award-winning titles, Storage, Day9 and N.O.R.A, to the world’s leading short movie entertainment network, ShortsTV.

The acclaimed films will make their debut on the network this autumn, enriching the streaming platform’s diverse catalog. The announcement was made jointly by FRFF co-founders Nicole Goesseringer Muj and Gotham Chandna.

“Each year, ShortsTV selects numerous finalist and winning short films from our festival, representing diverse talent from around the globe,” notes Goesseringer Muj. “Film enthusiasts who may not have the chance to attend Cannes or watch our festival online on SPARQ will now have the opportunity to enjoy the works of some of today’s most talented international filmmakers on ShortsTV.”

Among the notable titles set to grace ShortsTV is the 2022 Sci-Fi Horror and Audience Award winner, N.O.R.A., directed by Juan Garrafa from Mexico. Additionally, the 2023 Sci-Fi/Horror winner, Storage, directed by Colin Francis Costello from the USA, will make its appearance, alongside the short thriller Day9, directed by DGA director Dastan Khalili, also from the USA. These films will captivate audiences ler this year with their compelling narratives and exceptional craftsmanship.


In this thriller/horror film, a doctor wakes up in a basement storage room with no idea how she got there or who kidnapped her. The only clue she may have is an unhinged cheerleader also imprisoned with her:


In N.O.R.A Esteban and Samuel look for the last vestiges that give an account of the existence of women. One day they find a woman, or so it seems, named Nora, who could be the last hope or a terrible punishment for those who still inhabit the earth.



Day9 revolves around Dobroth, a ruthless millionaire who assembles a team of resilient workers and forced them to endure grueling conditions in an uninhabitable wasteland. The short delves into the complexities of human beliefs and self-imposed influences, exploring the struggles, sacrifices, mistakes, and choices they made that seemingly kept their hopes and dreams just out of reach

The collaboration between FRFF and ShortsTV continues to spotlight remarkable short films, following in the footsteps of previous titles like Matty Boy, featuring Vincent de Paul, and Tumble Dry, directed by Delia Kelly and Stephen Riscica. The selection underscores the commitment of both FRFF and ShortsTV to elevate short-form content on a global stage.

The French Riviera Film Festival, established in 2019, is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating short-form content created for film, television, the web, and all digital platforms. It takes place during the time of the Festival de Cannes, attracting filmmakers worldwide to participate in a two-day event filled with screenings, a Global Entertainment Showcase, VIP receptions, and a prestigious closing gala awards ceremony.

In addition to its partnership with ShortsTV, FRFF recently joined forces with Salaud Morisset, expanding its reach and impact on the film industry. This collaboration brings Salaud Morisset’s acclaimed titles to the competition roster of the 2024 festival edition.

ShortsTV is available on Prime, DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, Verizon and Apple TV+.

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