Framestore goes BTS of incredible Jaguar campaign

(Framestore creates incredible spots for Jaguar)

Jaguar and Spark44 have worked with multi-award-winning director William Bartlett on a collection of six films starring the New F-Type sports car. Bartlett won a Bafta for his work on SS-G Band has created the title sequences for James Bond movies Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Spectre.

The new films use innovative storytelling techniques and combine live-action and computer-generated images, allowing you, as the campaign says, to ‘Just Imagine’ the thrill of driving or sitting in a New Jaguar F-Type

The campaign coincides with the new F-TYPE arriving in showrooms, they are the result of extensive collaboration between Jaguar, agency Spark44 and London-based Framestore Pictures.

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Bartlett places the new Jaguar F-TYPE in different scenarios to highlight its features. It races alongside galloping horses to showcase the 2.0-litre convertible model, leaps off a ski jump to promote the power of its 5.0-litre V8 R version and shows off its handling on a Hot Wheels-inspired track. It’s also the centre of attention as a photographer snaps images, and it shrinks to the size of a stitch in the trim to show its beautiful new interior.

As a key driver in Framestore Pictures’ ability to approach commercial projects with imagination and innovation, Bartlett was the ideal director to lead this project for Jaguar. His extensive shoot experience and in-depth knowledge of VFX allows him to seamlessly combine live action and CG.

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Andy Hunt Cooke of Jaguar global communications said: “The new Jaguar F-TYPE was designed to inspire extraordinary journeys. By using the latest innovative film techniques we have taken the driver to a hyper-real world, so they can imagine the thrill of experiencing it and the pride they would feel as an owner of such beauty, craftsmanship and sporting dynamism. Our partners Spark44 and Framestore both fully embraced our philosophy of fearless creativity driving progress – the spirit that makes Jaguar unique in the automotive world.”

Executive creative director at Framestore Bartlett said: “As an iconic British brand there are few car makers that capture the imagination in quite the same way as Jaguar. The combination of the technical and aesthetic challenge, mixing live action and CGI was right up my street and the sort of job that always gets me excited. And of course, since a large part of our responsibility is to make beautiful images it certainly helps when at the centre of every frame is Jaguar’s new F-TYPE


CLIENT: Jaguar

  • Jaguar Global Comms: Andy Hunt Cooke
  • Jaguar Global Comms: Chas Hallett
  • Jaguar Advertising Manager: David Carefull

AGENCY: Spark44

  • Global Chief Creative Officer: Brian Fraser
  • Creative Director: Lee Aldridge
  • Creative Director: Sean Doyle
  • Copywriter: Kristofer Richardson
  • Art Director: Miguel Soares
  • Business Director: Jon Busk
  • Sr. Account Director: Carrie-Ann Wilkes
  • Account Manager: Emily Briscoe
  • Sr. Producer: Corin Kiddy
  • Production Assistant: Lee O’Hare

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Framestore Pictures

  • Director: William Bartlett
  • Producer: Sian Jenkins
  • Production Manager: Emma Hughes
  • Production Assistant: Noah Enhus

SOURCE: Framestore