For Travel Texas, Union’s Einar pulls dream vacations together


Travel Texas is unveiling a new, fully integrated campaign centered on the rallying cry to “Get Your Own Trip to Texas.”

The campaign breaks the mold for the templated advertising you see in the state tourism category. Typically, the formula is a bland montage of a handful of the most popular destinations or activities in the state with a scenic vista here, a tourist attraction or two there, and a sprinkle of fine dining.

For Texas though, there is no simple recipe that can capture all that the state has to offer. The state’s vast landscape of cultures, regions, destinations and activities allow for an infinite number of different combinations. No two trips are alike – and nor should they be. Texas offers the ability to personalize a trip to exactly a traveler’s unique preferences. The message is simple: there are an infinite number of trips to Texas but the only one that matters is yours.

Concepted and executed by Proof Advertising, directed by David Edwards of Native, and edited by Einar of bicoastal Union, the campaign captures moments from over 20 different locations in Texas and puts them together in ways that show the unmatched variety that Texas has to offer visitors.

Just when the viewer thinks they are watching a “typical” tourism commercial, the actor breaks the fourth wall and proclaims that this is their trip to Texas and urges the viewer to “Go get their own.” Watch the campaign below:

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The campaign launched February 1, featuring four 30s spots that will run online and on digital/connected TV. There will also be a variety of print, digital and social assets to round out the campaign, which hits the market through the month of February. All creative will drive consumers to the Get Your Own Trip to Texas Custom Trip Builder (

More vision board than a typical itinerary builder, the experience allows users to swipe left and right on different Texas activities to generate trip inspiration matched to their unique interests.

The work is supported with a media plan that leverages unique personalization targeting where possible; for instance, the print ads leverage online data and are inserted into relevant subscribers’ issues and streaming audio ads will dynamically change based on listener’s behaviors. Overall, the media will drive 1.8B impressions of paid media support to get the new campaign in front of travel intenders. 

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CLIENT: Travel Texas

  • Executive Director, Texas Economic Development & Tourism: Adriana Cruz
  • Director of Tourism: Tim Fennell
  • Deputy Director of Tourism: Nate Gieryn
  • Advertising Project Manager: Patrick Rios

AGENCY: Proof Advertising

  • President/Owner: Bryan Christian
  • Executive Creative Director: Craig Markus
  • Creative Director: Claire Jordan
  • Associate Creative Director: Josh McGonigle
  • Producer: Amy Hurt
  • Head of Strategy: John Kottmann
  • Account Director: Eloisa Sisson
  • Account Director: Blake Maraoui
  • Senior Account Executive: Samantha Nibbelink


  • President: Michelle Isbell
  • VP: Tony Miglini
  • Director: David Edwards
  • Co-Producer: CoMPANY Films
  • EP: Ron Cicero
  • DP: Benjamin Kracun
  • Line Producer: Rebecca Brown

EDIT: Union Austin

  • Editor: Einar
  • Assistant: Tyler Costill & Drew Johnson
  • Producer: Julie Anderson
  • EP: Vicki Russell

POST: TBD/Austin

  • Colorist: Brandon Thomas
  • Finishing: Dennis Valk
  • Audio: Dusty Albertz

MUSIC: Shindig