For Reese’s it’s perfectly fine to add peanut butter to anything chocolate

(Reel Ad of the Week)

Well, this is just weird. Mother and Reese’s are finally opening up about the brand’s impulse to put peanut butter in stuff. Whether it’s a chocolate cup, a candy shell or an exquisite high-heeled shoe, when the people at Reese’s see something, they tend to think “could we put peanut butter in that?”

The answer is yes. And still weird. But we like weirdly delicious. So, it’s our first Reel Ad of the Week for 2023.

In this new campaign, Reese’s invites the general public to explore this impulse for themselves – to behold something as simple as a shoe made of chocolate and recognize how lovely it would be to put peanut butter in it.

Accompanied by an evocative voiceover, provided by comedian Henry Paker: “Look at that. An exquisite high-heeled shoe. I know what you’re thinking… You want to put peanut butter in it, don’t you? It’s ok. That’s what we’re into too. In fact, that’s our whole thing.” Watch below:


Jackson Hitchon, GM Europe & World Travel Retail at The Hershey Company, commented: “We know Reese’s is deliciously different, it is not your ordinary product and that is something we celebrate – we want everyone to taste the combination of chocolate and peanut butter goodness and love that difference. We wanted to show our fans and future fans the dedication we put into bringing these two flavours together. In a number of – anything but ordinary – scenarios”

The launch film introduces this concept, which is then quickly followed up with an ‘always on’ strand of content launching over the coming months. This content will aim to mirror and manifest culture across four main categories, all designed to enable Reese’s to have an ongoing dialogue with fans of putting peanut butter in things. 

Weird. But great!

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