Florida journalists trademark, ‘fake news’


This is real news.

In an effort to stop President Trump from abusing the term, “Fake News,” The Florida Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has trademarked the term ‘fake news.’

The project was created in partnership with Calgary-based creative agency WAX.

America’s oldest and largest journalism advocacy organization, the members hope to deter Trump from discrediting factual news stories he simply doesn’t like.

They’ve launched the initiative with a tongue-in-cheek video explaining the stunt.

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The launch video drives to FakeNewsTM.com — which has tips on how to spot actual fake news and what journalists are doing to ensure they report the truth.

In addition to filing for a trademark on the term, SPJ Florida Pro Chapter will be sending out cease and desist letters to frequent abusers of the term — including President Trump.

Good luck.