Filmsupply goes behind the work of Stept Studios’ Oakley PRIZM ad for NFL

(Filmsupply takes us BTS of Oakley and NFL)

Filmsupply, the footage licensing company disrupting the production industry, has released the latest episode in its Behind the Work series.

The first-of-its-kind series, first launched this spring, dives directly into some of today’s greatest creative – in conversation with those individuals who brought it to life. Behind the Work lives at the intersection of film and advertising, providing a look behind the curtain of various compelling video projects.

Everyone sees and remembers that final spot, which sometimes seems brought about by a twist of fate, like it’s always existed. The series reveals the finesse and fine-tuning that goes into making those great spots, underscoring the effort that goes into effortlessness.

This episode focuses on the 2019 Oakley PRIZM ad for the NFL, produced by Stept Studios. Here’s the original spot:

In this episode, Filmsupply speaks with Stept’s Co-Founder Nick Martini, Director of Photography Brandon Kelly, and Head of Creative Adam Rachlitz about working within a budget and under a condensed time frame to deliver their iconic ad. Stept Studios experimented with perspective and lensing to convey what players saw from their helmets wearing the Oakley glasses. To capture this perspective, Stept pioneered the use of the POV camera. Watch the teaser below:

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By placing the Rialto camera extension system on the top of a football helmet, the audience can experience a football game as one of the players. This POV method also allowed Stept to work with professional athletes (such as Patrick Mahomes) in an expedient manner. An actor wearing the POV helmet was able to capture the players in real time.

Filmsupply also publishes blog posts and other supplementary content tied to each episode. Ads for the series will run on social media, OTT, and WeTransfer.