“Feel The Flavor” in new Perrier global campaign


Showcasing its range of sparkling fruit flavors, this vibrant new campaign celebrates the uplifting spirit of Perrier.

Inspired by its range of boldly refreshing flavors, Perrier is unveiling a new global campaign, “Feel the Flavor.” Perrier’s effervescent bubbles are bursting with fruit and citrus notes that excite both your mood and your spirit.

The new creative campaign invites consumers to embrace what makes their life most vibrant. Watch below:

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“We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest global campaign that features Perrier’s wide range of sparkling flavors including Lime, Peach, Pink Grapefruit, Pineapple and Strawberry,” said Thomas Conquet, Marketing Director, Nestlé Premium Waters. “We hope to inspire consumers to experience the uplifting sensations of exploring Perrier’s selection of refreshing flavors.”

“Feel the Flavor” captures the invigorating experience of enjoying Perrier’s refreshing bubbles and channels the brand’s bold personality. The campaign will serve as a platform for partnerships with unique creators who also defy expectations and bring thrill to our lives.

“Feel the Flavor” is live now through 2023 and will appear in various countries such as in the US, Canada or China, across digital, social, shopper and experiential channels.

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