Falcon and Winter Soldier reviews are in…

(Falcon and Winter Soldier looks promising)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now airing on Disney+. And the Reel 360 team can confidently say that Disney and Marvel Studios have another hit on their hands.

But we’re not alone as the action series, which picks up a few months after Avengers: Endgame, has a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 91%. They say, “delivers ‘stellar’ action along with big emotions and surprising depth. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan bring charm, introspection and emotional resonance, as the series shines a light on trauma and legacy in a post-blip world, while exploring ways Avengers: Endgame continue to inform the MCU.”

Here are some others:

Hollywood Reporter: “The Falcon show features the boffo action opening, and also a richer exploration of the lives of those left behind in the Snap and of the internal contradictions of being a Black superhero in a country that doesn’t fully embrace Blackness than Marvel has ever approached.”

Variety was very positive: “The episode is shot through with a tone that cannot be called naturalism but that feels unburdened by the everything-for-everyone expectations that have weighed down the Marvel films. That suits a story anchored by two people who are trying to shrug off their superpowered pasts.”

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Los Angeles Times: “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” has yet to reach its ideal cruising altitude but it’s smooth, slow climb that promises to take viewers to new, exciting destinations.”

IGN:  “Perhaps the biggest takeaway from episode one is that, while Steve Rogers may be absent, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier truly feels like an MCU Captain America TV show.” 

Screen Rant“…with the combination of action, character development and expansion of the Captain America mythos promised by the series premiere, all signs point to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier being a thrilling and poignant entry in the MCU.”

RogerEbert.com: “The series has so much inherent potential to be a breakthrough moment for action storytelling, so long as it leans more into the unique skills of its nimble characters, and not just what makes them flashy in short bursts.”

The Playlist: “a rich and layered entrée into the notions of identity, legacy and the difficult-to-swallow reminder that no African-American is exempt from the challenges of being Black in America. Not even a superhero.”

Digital Spy: “it feels like Cap’s legacy is in safe hands.

From a glance at the pilot episode, it seems like the series will delve into serious themes such as racism and trauma and along with Henry Jackman’s score will be a must for Cap fans.

Check out our review for the series next week.

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