EmblemHealth uses local artists in new campaign

(Courtesy VMLY&R)

Crucial health routines have often been set aside under the weight of the pandemic. As New York’s energy starts to build back, EmblemHealth is working to ensure the health of its communities remains at the forefront of the city’s revitalization in the latest evolution of its “We Mean Health” campaign. 

The campaign is a direct call-to-action from the NY-based health insurer to empower NYers to close specific gaps in their healthcare. 

It pairs bold copy with work from local city artists, each depicting their own expressions of health to encourage communities to get mammograms, check their blood pressure, get screened for diabetes and schedule annual checkups.   

Jason Naylor, Sophia Yeshi, Perla Sanchez, KitKat Pecson, and partners Craig & Karl were among the local artists featured in this year’s campaign. Their work is used to demonstrate EmblemHealth’s dedication to supporting the heart of its communities, by going beyond coverage to help NY get and stay healthy. Look below:


“We Mean Health is more than a line, it’s the ethos that guides everything EmblemHealth does. They truly care about the health of the communities they cover,” says Wayne Best, CCO of VMLY&R NY. “And now more than ever, it’s important to get the message out there that you need to take care of yourself.” 

 “For more than 80 years, EmblemHealth has focused on creating healthier futures for our members and community. The pandemic disrupted our lives and the health care system. This campaign conveys the importance of good health to all of us and represents our guiding principles of accessible, equitable, high-quality health care for all,” notes Beth Leonard, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at EmblemHealth.” 

VMLY&R brought this year’s campaign evolution to life across print, digital, audio and OOH that will be seen across NYC through the open enrollment season this Fall.  


CLIENT: EmblemHealth

  • Beth Leonard – Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
  • Lauren Festa – Vice President, Marketing Operations
  • Cate Engerrand – Director, Brand Strategy and Marketing Insights
  • Olivia McCabe – Brand Manager
  • Cynthia Dartley – Sr. Marketing Campaign Coordinator


  • Wayne Best – Chief Creative Officer
  • Emily Sander – Executive Creative Director
  • Gretchen Menter – Group Creative Director
  • Perle Arteta – Creative Director
  • Aliza Roth – Senior Art Director
  • Teny Akay – Group Strategy Director
  • Ana Montoya – Strategist
  • Kenneth Zane – Senior Producer
  • Jack Hughes – Print Producer
  • Jessica Post – Executive Director, Client Engagement
  • Erica Philippone – Group Account Director
  • Andrea Rosado – Senior Program Manager
  • Maggie Rogers – Account Manager
  • Theresa Ferrugio – Group Connections Director, Paid Media
  • Lynnsey Rijos – Connections Director, Paid Media
  • Mariel Rivera – Connections Supervisor, Paid Media
  • Valerie Schlosser – Connections Director, Paid Search
  • Stephen Chambers – Associate Director, Paid Search
  • Matt Kortum – Senior Connections Manager, Paid Search

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