eightvfx colors the world for new game Fuser


Fuser, from gaming company Harmonix Music, is coming in the Fall and it is going to be hot. In anticipation of its arrival on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC’s, advertising and marketing is gearing up. And who better to provide visual effects to a new spot promoting the game, which allows players to become a DJ, mix and create audio tracks, than eightvfx. This is our “Reel Ad of the Week.”

From the makers of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central, the Fuser game, which just debuted at Pax East in Boston, will have more than 100 start songs that gamers can mix freely by choosing which instrument to place in the mix in each moment.

Among the artists who will lend their songs to Fuser will be 50 Cent, Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga and Post Malone, so that gamers can create their own compositions by choosing between several musical styles and tending to the requests of the public. 

The game will find the player showing off their DJ skills at a virtual music festival and in order to keep the crowd happy, they must deliver the best set possible. While the campaign mode will challenge the player, the game will also feature multiplayer mode and freestyle play. 

Created by Liquid Agency and produced by Pulse Films, Fuser’s announcement TVC takes us through an exuberant, melodic, and colorful world where the heroine’s musical imagination is the limit.

As she makes way through her day, the city is alive and teeming with life. The energy and noise inspires her to create a unique soundtrack for her otherwise mundane daily commute. Each sonic layer the city offers triggers an analogous sound in a familiar song and leads to a contagious, lyrical mash-up featuring Billie Eillish’s “Bad Guy,” Blue Oyster Cult’s “The Reaper,” and transitioning to Post Malone’s “Better Now.” 

Noise and music all blend together seamlessly, ultimately leading our heroine to become the star DJ at a massive event to an ignited crowd.

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Among eightvfx’s most challenging tasks on the hush-hush project, was setting the look for what was desired to be achieved while making sure they had sound methodology and the pipeline to achieve a stylized and surreal journey through a modern cityscape lead by a magnetic, creative heroine. 

“We made sure to do our R+D, as well as craft some looks to determine all the details. Time was also a challenge with the amount of work we had to do internally within a short two week timeframe,”  says eightvfx’s VFX Supervisor Aryel Melek-Shalom VFX. “Director Ben Mor from Pulse Films was super involved in our VFX process, so as a team, we were able to bring his bold and bright vision to picture.”

“Every shot in the Fuser trailer required 3D tracking and matching movement of the ad’s hero character for the particle generation scenes as well as the headphone replacement. Each shot also came with a lot of setup time before we were able to move over to compositing. To complete the project, we utilized a combination of Nuke, After Effects, Houdini for logo animation, and Flame for finish, to accomplish the magical particles and brightly hued world our leading lady was making her symphonic journey through,” added Melek-Shalom.

The work is visually mesmerizing to say the least. It’s spot that doesn’t pull you in, but yanks you in – with your head bobbing to the music track, making Reel Ad of the Week.


Agency: Liquid AdvertisingProducer:  Chris Hepburn 

  • Creative Director: Julie Crow 
  • Account Director: Ryan D’Arcy

Production Company: Pulse Films

  • Director: Ben Mor
  • Executive Producer: Casey Englehardt

VFX Company: eightvfx

  • VFX Supervisor: Aryel Melek-Shalom
  • VFX Executive Producers: Ashley Ford / Baptiste Andrieux
  • VFX Producer: Christine Lawless
  • Art Director: Jaguar Lee
  • FX designer: Adam Singer
  • FX Artists: Yu Fuji, Sardar Jeff
  • Animator: Thomas Lopez
  • Flame artist: Joe Chiao
  • Compositors:  Alex Taylor, Shaun Tsou

SOURCE: Carrie Wick PR