Does Kylie’s latest post mean she’s missing Travis Scott?

(Kylie may be missin’ Travis)

We’re honestly not sure if anyone in our audience cares if the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner is  missing her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott – especially in a world where people are dying from a pandemic and election turmoil thanks to the POTUS currently occupying the People’s House.

That said, it’s Sunday and the Reel 360 team DOES care about how bomb Jenner looks in her new Instagram posts, most likely directed at the Hip Hop artist.

Don’t scroll down just yet. Read the story behind the late-night bikini pics first. If you’re not A Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan, here is a brief history of Kylie and Travis’ relationship.

The couple dates back to 2017, where they were first seen holding hands at Coachella. What followed was a flood of photos and social posts following the pair at dinner parties, birthdays and game nights. They even got matching butterfly tattoos in June of that year.

Later, the couple was rumored to be engaged. Then there were the pics of the exchanging of expensive gifts. As an aside, do any of Kardashians give cheap gifts from we don’t know – Wal-mart?

Then came the Kylie pregnancy in 2017. The following year, Kylie gave birth to baby Stormi Webster. Amid internet furor, the happy family posted pics on social media until their break up in 2019.

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Now speculations are on the rise that the 23-year-old billionaire is missing her baby daddy after a series of revealing late night bikini pics.

The thinking started after she posted a late-night bikini picture on her Instagram with a cryptic caption. The internet chatter has risen as the two have been seen spending time together. NOW, take a look at Kylie standing in a pink light wearing a white bikini top below:

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Does her caption, “Miss u missin me” mean Kylie’s missing the way Travis used to miss her? Does anyone really care? Well, some 200 million IG followers do if you read their comments of heart emojis, “hot” and “stunning.”

At any rate, happy Sunday and enjoy.