Director Mark Roth’s beautiful work for Finlandia

(Mark Roth directed beautiful Finlandia ad)

What makes Finlandia Vodka so special? Last year, the Revolver Amsterdam production team traveled to Finland to capture and discover its true essence.

Shot in Lapland, the crew (along with the creative team of DDB UK Limited) navigated the challenging Finnish terrain covered in ice and snow for over a week.

The film was directed by recently signed talent Marko Roth who is known for the authentic, cinematic quality he brings to his work. Quintessential to Marko’s style is the use of subtle camera movement and dramatic sweeping shots that ultimately brings a strong sense of emotion to his storytelling. Watch below:

A spokeswoman told Reel 360, “We were thrilled to work with DDB Limited and our crew on the ground to tell the story of Finlandia’s heritage and origin to life with a brand new campaign.”

It certainly is a beautiful spot.


CLIENT: Finlandia Vodka

AGENCY: DDB Unlimited

Creatives: Joris Kang’eri / Sean Condon

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Revolver Amsterdam

  • Director: Marko Roth
  • DOP: Joshua Stabler
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