Director Dana Campanello quenches thirst with a Gatorade for You

(Courtesy Easy Mondays)

Running, dribbling, kicking, and shooting… training, resting, refueling, and competing… It’s all packed into the kinetic new :30 Gatorade spot, “Every Moment Has a Gatorade,” directed and edited by Dana Campanello (an Argentinian director/dp/editor represented in the US by Easy Mondays).

Produced by Poster and created by R/GA, the ad features female athletes in action, and delivers a seamless blend of live-action and photographic elements.

“From the beginning, we looked at incorporating photos to make the best use of our tight production schedule, while executing a fresh, cool and dynamic montage,” said Campanello, an up-and-coming filmmaker who already counts Smirnoff, Amex, Trivago and Adidas among her clients. “I worked on the script, considering which scenes to film and which to photograph, knowing that these two worlds would co-exist in the final cut.” 

The production hand-picked locations that would resonate with the target audience. “The basketball sequence was shot at Clutch, a very popular court for basketball lovers,” she said. “It’s where many athletes train, and it was important to show them in their actual environment. 

For (Argentine field hockey player and Olympic medalist) Agustina Gorzelany, we used the field where her team, Las Leonas (The Lionesses), train.”  Watch below;


Born in Comodoro Rivadavia, an industrial city in Argentinean Patagonia, Campanello moved to Buenos Aires at 18 and began her self-taught path toward audiovisual production. What began as a personal quest soon became a professional pursuit: Landia, the Argentinean and global producer, chose her, as one of 7 new talents, to co-direct a Coca-Cola commercial in LaTam.

In the few years since, she has worked with many national and international brands, specializing in the creation of commercial content, while undertaking personal projects that encourage the exploration of her vision in a creative and experimental way. As a DP herself, Dana’s eye seeks the unexpected (though on Gatorade, she collaborated with Director of Photography Vanina Falcone). From sports, fashion, and lifestyle to music videos, this is a director as adept with rough edges as she is with a smooth finish.

“The Gatorade project involved celebrity athletes, challenging schedules, and other factors, but once everything was in place, the team worked together beautifully,” Campanello concluded.  


CLIENT: Gatorade



  • Director: Dana Campanello
  • Director of Photography Vanina Falcone
  • Executive producer: Mariano Echarri
  • Post Supervisor: Lucia Lamboley
  • Editor: Dana Campanello
  • SFX: Papa Music   
  • Production Manager Julieta Roth
  • Assistant Director Lorena Inés Contardo
  • Head of Locations Francisco José Varamo
  • Costume designer Maria Sol Canievsky
  • Art Director Julieta Duich Peirano

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