DieHard is back with more electrifying action

(Courtesy of The Marketing Arm)

Last year, Advance Auto Parts helped relaunch the DieHard brand with an action-packed two-minute film starring Bruce Willis (famous for his role as John McClane in the movie Die Hard) and heralding that “DieHard is back.”

The campaign proved to be highly successful, earning industry praise and driving business results. It was also Reel 360’s REEL AD OF THE WEEK.

Now, the brand is launching the next phase in its ongoing support of the DieHard brand.  The new work, which will debut during CBS’ coverage of the NFL Playoffs on January 22, focuses on the brand’s core attributes:  reliable, durable, powerful.  

The message will be brought to life in a series of videos that showcase the power of diehard people who choose DieHard batteries and a unique, fantastical connection between them.  As the copy states, “Imagine if everything had the reliability, durability and power of DieHard.”

The videos will run both online and off, supported by digital banners and social media.  The campaign was created by The Marketing Arm, the creative agency partner for Advance Auto Parts. Watch below:


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The launch of the new DieHard advertising campaign is timely: January is a key selling month for car batteries, and the work will be seen in high profile television events including the NFL championships, consistent with DieHard’s reputation as a high profile brand.


CLIENT:  Advance Auto Parts/DieHard Battery

  • EVP, Chief Marketing Officer:  Jason McDonell
  • SVP, Marketing & DIY Strategy:  Allison Bubar
  • Director, DieHard Marketing:  Katie Clark
  • Director, Corporate Brand Marketing:  Heidi Flippen
  • Senior Marketing Manager, Brand Marketing:  Regina Exum
  • Senior Marketing Manager:  Carlos Monreal-Orla

AGENCY:  The Marketing Arm

  • Chief Creative Officer:  Harris Wilkinson
  • SVP, Creative:  Leo Santos
  • Director, Creative:  Mason Viera
  • Director, Creative:  Tim Wood
  • Director, Concepting:  Nick Cernoch
  • Senior Art Director:  Justin Lloyd
  • SVP, Account:  Lori Thelen
  • VP, Account:  Shyrl Bagneris
  • Senior Account Executive:  Stephanie Ibanez
  • Account Executive:  Antoinette Weedor
  • VP, Video Production:  Diana Schroeder
  • Senior Director, Print Production:  Corey Hart
  • Director, Business Affairs:  Katie Johnson
  • Senior Producer, Video Production:  Matt Williams
  • Senior Producer, Video Production:  Leigh Mergehenn
  • Senior Designer, Video Production:  Ethan Armendariz
  • Senior Manager, Production:  Kelly Lenthe
  • Business Manager, Video Production:  Debbie McIlhany
  • Coordinator, Video Production:  Jeanne Canright
  • VP, Strategy:  Chris Lee
  • Senior Strategist:  Lucca Vaselli

PRODUCTION COMPANY:  Natural Selection

  • Director:  John Suits
  • Producer:  Malcolm Duncan
  • DP:  Minka Farthing-Kohl
  • Styling:  Yvonne Wagner

EDIT:  Natural Selection

Editor:  John Suits

VFX:  Max Colt

COLOR:  Joseph Bicknal

MIX:  Jose Barrucco

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