Dell Blue, The Mill make eye candy for new launches


Dell Blue, the internal creative agency for Dell, recently created a new campaign to support three new product launches: the new OptiPlex 7071 Tower – a premium business desktop designed for maximum VR performance in a sleek, compact design; the OptiPlex 7070 — a new form factor providing a fully modular desktop experience; and the 5300/5400 Dell Latitude 2-in-1 with Chrome Enterprise OS.

Dell Blue partnered with award-winning VFX company The Mill to produce mesmerizing CG spots for the campaigns spanning broadcast, online, and social.

“The OptiPlex and Latitude product videos we worked on with The Mill were first of their kind,” says Michelle Gillespie, Senior Manager, Commercial Product Launch at Dell. “Dell Technologies introduced a new form factor in the OptiPlex line and a new partnership with Google in the Latitude line featuring Chrome OS. Capturing the essence of these new pieces of technology was essential to their introduction into the marketplace. The Mill and Dell Blue did this flawlessly through their CGI executions, bringing the concept boards to life.”

“VR Core” is a spellbinding visualization of what’s “virtually possible” with the OptiPlex 7071. The tower bursts open to reveal its intricate, high-tech inner-workings hovering in 3D space. The components reassemble into a series of icons representing the specific industries that the 7071 model was designed for — healthcare, education, and retail professionals — before converging back into the tower. The spot concludes with the message: “Work at full speed.”

“The Unexpected PC” illustrates the OptiPlex 7070’s billing as “the world’s most flexible commercial desktop solution.” The spot outlines the product design and modularity that makes the 7070 the perfect choice for professionals who want to create a custom workspace with one device. The scene unfolds with a combination of 3D animation and illustrative motion graphics.

“Together” introduces the new Latitude 5300 — the world’s first and most powerful two-in-one Chromebook Enterprise — which Dell created in partnership with Google. Dell Blue dialed up more 3D simulations, as seen in the OptiPlex spots, to celebrate the game-changing marriage of Latitude’s trusted hardware and the speed of Chrome Enterprise OS, while showcasing how businesses can work faster and stay productive longer in the cloud.

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According to Executive Creative Director Joel Davis, for most OptiPlex product launches, his team typically executes productivity-focused campaigns and content geared at Dell OptiPlex’s desk-centric users. OptiPlex 7071 had a different, highly-targeted audience in mind: educators and professionals who need a powerful machine to create immersive VR as a presentation and teaching tool. Thus, the campaign called for a more robust messaging strategy.

“The ‘VR Core’ spot was by far the most challenging of the campaign, yet the most creatively rewarding for our team,” says Davis. “We not only had to present the 7071 as an attractive choice but also show our target audience the scale of components that make it powerful enough to run immersive VR experiences. Through a combination of visually sophisticated and conceptual animations, we arrived at a solution that shows exactly what the product is and who it’s for while bringing it to life within the Dell voice and style of previous campaigns.”

Dell Blue commissioned The Mill to execute the VFX portion of the production.

“With a simple idea, we knew the visual execution of this would be the key to succeeding creatively,” concludes Davis. “Finding a partner like The Mill to execute highly technical 3D simulations while making them look premium was paramount. Their expertise and artistry really show in this campaign and we enjoyed our collaboration with them.”


AGENCY: Dell Blue (in-house)/Austin, TX

  • Executive Creative Director: Joel Davis
  • Creative Director: Kendall Pippin 
  • Associate Creative Director: Shane McGuire 
  • Sr. Director Campaigns and Agency Operation: Heather Coleman
  • Head of Production: Brent Holt
  • Sr. Producer: Matt Kuhles
  • Sr. Art Directors: Margaret Soltis, Santa Hernandez
  • Copywriters: Veronica Bradley, Eli Drljaca, MA Thurmond, Michael Stout
  • Jr. Art Director: Claudia G Aparicio Gamundi
  • Project Managers: Sarah Wethington, Jane Schumann, Susan Jaco
  • Dell Stakeholders: Michelle Gillespie and Helen Jourdain, Sarah Rosen and Priscillia Boo  


  • Director: Andrew Proctor
  • Executive Producer: Pete King
  • Producer: Daniel Beldy
  • Production Coordinator: Estelle Matranga

EDIT: The Mill/Los Angeles, CA

  • Editors: David Nitzsche, Jack Pyland
  • Edit Assist: Rochely Zapata

VFX: The Mill/Los Angeles, CA

  • 2D Lead Artist: Evan Langley
  • 3D Lead Artists: Michael Comly, Charles Storniolo
  • 2D Artists: Daniel Thuresson, Kai Chun Tsai, Roman Yavorsky
  • 3D Artists: Victor Duncan, James Robinson, Melanie Okamura, Samantha Pedregon
  • 3D Animation: Randy Link
  • Motion Graphics: Greg Park, Patrick Kipper

COLOR: The Mill/Los Angeles, CA

  • Colorist: Adam Scott
  • Color Producer: Jessica Amburgey
  • Color Assist: Gemma Parr, Logan Highlen

MUSIC: Spectrum

  • Composer: INZO
  • Management Group: Warpath

MUSIC/ARTIST FOR ROW: Stayin’ Busy / Jumano

  • Management Group: Music Vine  

MUSIC/ARTIST FOR US ONLY: Only If You’re Ready / Atomic Drum Assembly 

  • Management Group: Universal Music

MUSIC: I Came To Move Mountains 

  • Composer: John Isaac Charles Coggins
  • Management Group: Extreme Music

SOURCE: Dell Blue