Dell Blue goes full-on “rube” in new spot

Dell Blue, the internal creative agency for Dell, launched a new campaign for the all-new UltraSharp monitor by Dell Technologies. The centerpiece of the campaign is a whimsical CG spot inspired by classic Rube Goldberg machines.

“Beauty of Productivity” takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey through an elaborate “Rube” world triggered by a ball from a Newton’s Cradle, presenting a comprehensive overview of the key productivity features offered in the UltraSharp monitor and its unparalleled color and resolution.

Dell Blue conceived the CG Rube Goldberg machine as a visual device to reveal the key features that Dell Technologies wanted to highlight: the height, tilt, and swivel adjustability of the monitor; DCI-P3 Color; a host of ports and connectors; the beautiful design of the UltraSharp monitor and much more. 

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According to Dell Blue Creative Director Lourdes McKenna, the visual language of the spot was inspired by the exceptional color accuracy of the UltraSharp monitor, and the immersive user experience it offers with its curved screen design.

Her team developed the mood boards with a contemporary palette of gold and silver chromes and pastels to reflect the modern and sophisticated design of the UltraSharp monitor and the target audience of creatives that it is geared towards.

“We really wanted our audience to know that we’re paying attention to their needs, and express that message with a sensibility that would resonate with creative-minded people,” says McKenna. “The colors, textures, shapes, and motion all come together to create a sense of playfulness while showcasing the power of the UltraSharp in a more captivating and expressive way.”

Teaming with MPC

Dell Blue partnered with VFX powerhouse MPC to create the elaborate “Rube” world, designing and animating hundreds of elements in the process. This included everything from scientific devices like the Newton’s Cradle to imaginary machine parts to colorfully stylized renderings of the UltraSharp monitor.

The “productivity ball” rolls, bounces, and ricochets with dynamic realism and a touch of playfulness. The team took pains dialing in the Pinball-like physics of the sequence with a balance of whimsy and believability, immersing photo-real CG renderings of the UltraSharp monitor to help guide the “productivity ball.” 

“The CG is so impressive and exactly what we envisioned,” says McKenna, “and that’s a tribute to the artistry and level of detail MPC brings to their craft.”

“Beauty of Productivity” is just one of six projects that Dell Blue and MPC created together during the pandemic. The other spots include:

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“We’re proud of what our team was able to achieve collaborating with MPC remotely during lockdown,” concludes Joel Davis, Dell Blue Executive Creative Director. “It was a beautiful journey where everything fell into place – and that kind of magic doesn’t happen every day.”


AGENCY: Dell Blue/Austin, TX

  • Executive Creative Director: Joel Davis
  • Creative Director: Lourdes McKenna
  • Sr. Director, Digital Strategy and Shared Services: Heather Coleman
  • Head of Production: Brent Holt
  • Sr. Producer: Matt Kuhles
  • Producer: Jaime Lovell
  • Associate Producer: Mase Kerwick
  • Senior Art Director: Jacqueline Byrne
  • Senior Copywriter: Emily Grube
  • Project Manager: Sarah Wethington
  • Stakeholders: Lionel Lee & Michelle Gillespie

PRODUCTION COMPANY: MPC/London, Los Angeles, Bangalore & Montreal

  • Director: Rob Hodgson
  • Executive Producer: Karen Anderson
  • Producer: Kayleigh Dugdale & Mireille Antoine 
  • CG Lead: Mike Little
  • 2D Lead: Jake Nelson
  • VFX Support: Johan Alfort, Udaykiran Chowdary, Will Laban, Flavia Minnone & Alessandro Granella

SOURCE: Dell Blue