DDB reinforces commitment to data-driven creativity

(Jatinder Singh)

DDB North America announced today the addition of a new regional leadership position. Jatinder Singh joins DDB North America as Chief Data Officer and, reporting into regional CEO Justin Thomas-Copeland, will spearhead data science innovation for all DDB North America offices.

Singh joins as DDB North America continues to fortify its data capabilities to underpin client work, following the appointment of Justin Thomas-Copeland in 2020. Thomas-Copland has championed data as a tool for marketers to harness and infuse insights which further drive creativity. To enable this, he has introduced new technology platforms which capture cultural insights and create scaled audience understanding.   

Singh will continue to diversify data usage across all functions of DDB North America and deliver solutions for clients across industries. 

“Jatinder Singh is an incredible operator and we’re excited to have him on board to fuel creativity in new and exciting ways for the region.”

thomas Copeland

“Jatinder is human first and will be instrumental in translating data insights into progressive, unexpected creative solutions that move mountains for our teams and clients and ensure that our creativity is always business accountable. He will be critical as we build out a DDB more integrated and creative than ever.”

Singh joins from within Omnicom, DDB’s holding network, and was previously the Global Chief Marketing Sciences Officer for the Omnicom Precision Marketing Group (OPMG). Singh’s career echoes DDB North America’s connective and creative spirit with data-driven creativity experiences including AT&T, Ford Motor Company, IBM, iShares, McDonald’s, Pfizer, SAP, Uber and the Volkswagen Group.

“DDB North America has made incredible strides in data science innovation to understand consumers and manifest this understanding in creative excellence. I am honored to be a part of such growth,” says Singh. “Data will continue to evolve and push creativity farther, DDB is the perfect incubator for the growth of both data and creativity.”