Chances of SD Comic-Con happening slipping away

(Gal Gadot and Chris Pine at Wonder Woman 1984 panel)

It’s beginning to look like not even the heroes of the DC and Marvel universes can stop coronavirus pandemic at hand. While not cancelled, the organizers of San Diego Comic-Con recently made it clear that they would be moving forward with the July event as planned, but even then it was clearly wishful thinking on their part.

Now, it appears as if they’re seriously considering postponing, going online or cancelling it altogether. 

David Glanzer

SDCC spokesperson David Glanzer told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the convention organizers were considering an “online component” if they have to cancel this year. He explained: “We do not want to disappoint the people who have saved, planned, and are looking forward to the show this summer, but the primary concern, what is chief among all our concerns, is the health and safety of not only our attendees, but the public as well.”

According to San Diego Tourism Authority CEO Joe Terzi, it’s highly unlikely that a gathering of this size will be able to take place in July given current social distancing measures, while it sounds like they’re already in the process of figuring out how to go about calling the whole thing off.

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Joe Terzi

“They are evaluating any financial liability they might have with a cancellation, and once they determine that, they’ll make a decision,” Terzi said. Based on our knowledge of the event, it will be very difficult for them to have that event in July. With other events you could do things to keep people separate, but Comic-Con is a whole different animal, it’s a massive sea of people.”

Many hotels have already agreed to a request to waive cancellation fees should Comic-Con not take place as planned, and SDCC spokesman David Glanzer confirms that they’re hoping to make an announcement soon (while exploring the possibility of it having an “online component”).

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Does that mean panels would be streamed online? They would obviously have to take place remotely, but with Hollywood on lockdown, it’s doubtful studios will even have footage to debut or it would also have to be a Zoom panel.

Stay tuned…

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