Cello wants audiences to “Cheese Confidently”

Cheese is one of the Reel 360’s team’s big weaknesses. We love lopping off chunks of a parmesan block while we’re cooking. However, even we get intimidated by the cheese case when we move away from our goto’s of Provolone, Muenster and Asiago. The modern supermarket’s cheese collection is filled with myths of ancient cheese caves, fancy flavor descriptions, new-age bovine diets… the list goes on. In its latest major brand effort for Cello, Schuman Cheese is serving up a different message: delicious cheese isn’t hard to find, if you know what to look for.

Created in partnership with agency of record Partners + Napier, the campaign tackles the biggest intimidation factors in selecting specialty cheese, including how to choose the right cheese and how to build the best cheese board.

“There are a lot of people who love specialty cheese but don’t consider themselves experts, and crave guidance from brands so they can better navigate the category,” said Mike Currie, Director of Marketing at Schuman Cheese. “We want people to know that they don’t have to be a cheese connoisseur in order to enjoy premium cheese confidently. All they have to do is look for our distinctive black label.”

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“Cello Cheeses are certainly premium, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t approachable,” said Rob Kottkamp, Chief Creative Officer at Partners + Napier. “Our spokesperson personifies the pretentiousness of the category, while our down-to-earth translations provide a bit of a laugh and inspiration to learn more.”

“Cheese Confidently” will run through September in the NYC metro market and along the East Coast at key retailers. The campaign includes programmatic online video, social media, digital couponing and DFSIs, SEM, point-of-sale, and a partnership with Instacart.

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CLIENT: Schuman Cheese

Mike Currie – Director of Marketing

AGENCY: Partners + Napier

  • Rob Kottkamp – Chief Creative Officer
  • Dan O’Donnell – Creative Director
  • Cara Mittler – Account Director
  • Eunice Viana – Account Supervisor
  • Greg Smith – Media Planning Director
  • CJ Gaffney – Strategy Director
  • Rick Calzi – Art Director
  • Andrew Scott – Copywriter
  • Isabel Drukker – Copywriter
  • Lauren Cole – Project Manager
  • Cate Fabens-Jones – Producer
  • Matt Spaull – Director
  • Parker Bement – Editor, Cinematographer

SOURCE: Partners + Napier