Carmichael Lynch debuts new campaign for U.S. Bank


More and more in this intense racially-charged climate we exist in, brands are not only embracing diverse groups and their stories, the are allowing them to become their superpower.

That diverse superpower, which is a part of the American fabric, is now also on display in a lovely new campaign from U.S. Bank and Carmichael Lynch.

It is an ideal, a goal the first immigrants were told and the notion has been passed down through generations.

You dream hard. You work hard for it. And it eventually pays off.

The new campaign emphasizes the brand’s belief that “hard work works” and highlights the role of U.S. Bank as a trusted financial partner.

Directed by Lisa Rubisch of Park Pictures, the three :60-second, emotional spots showcase a wide range of U.S. Bank’s product offerings, including a new mobile app that launched this spring, as well as wealth management and corporate and commercial banking services.

Most importantly, the spots reflect the diverse stories of U.S. Bank customers at different phases of their financial lives. For instance, “In Return” tells the story of an accomplished hardworking young man who turns to U.S. Bank to help manage his newfound wealth so he can give back to his parents by buying their home for them. Watch below:

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“Behind the products that U.S. Bank offers are real people who are saving to make something happen in their lives – or the lives of people around them,” said Marty Senn, Carmichael Lynch’s chief creative officer. “Telling very human stories brings those products to life in a way that shows how U.S. Bank is there for their customers during life moments big and small.”

“Breaking Ground” is centered on a successful business executive who partners with U.S. Bank to build larger headquarters in a meaningful place – her hometown.

“We partner with our customers at every stage of their financial journeys – helping them in the big moments and being there during the small steps in between those milestones. This campaign shows why that commitment is so important, and why the trust we build with our customers matters,” said Beth McDonnell, U.S. Bank executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

“Say It, Do It” follows a confident and determined girl as she works hard to meet a series of goals from childhood to adulthood, getting a little help from U.S. Bank along the way.

“Our first new television spot ‘Flying Home’ helped set the tone this spring. We are proud to support our customers and celebrate with them when their hard work pays off. This campaign is about recognizing the great things that can happen when we work together toward a goal,” said Kelly Colbert, U.S. Bank senior vice president and head of brand advertising and social media.

What makes the campaign so nice is its storytelling and relatability. For me personally, I could see myself in any of those situations. Very nice, CL. Very nice.

A total of six new spots will run during the campaign. Two additional spots will launch this fall. Customer stories will be featured in print and digital issues of Money, People, Parents and Real Simple.

The first print insertion will feature a spread in People’s special July 4th issue. Social media, radio and banner ads will also run nationwide. Crossmedia is managing the media buy.

Client: U.S. Bank

AGENCY: Carmichael Lynch
   Chief Creative Officer: Marty Senn
   CD: Marty Senn
   Writer: Michelle Lippman
   Art Director: Leeya Jackson
   Head of Production: Orlee Tatarka
   Exec. Content Producer: Dominique Anzano
   Print Producer:
   Business Manager:  Tara DiNicola
   Account Management Team: Alissa Anderson, Mackenzie Halvorsen, Logan Schumacher
   Project Manager: Shannon Gabrick
   Brand Planning: Maria Pazos, Brian Reid
   Public Relations:
   Social Engagement: Bob Ringer

PRODUCTION: Park Pictures
   Director:  Lisa Rubisch
   Managing Director:
   Executive Producer:  Scott Howard
   Line Producer:  Michelle Currinder
   Director of Photography:  Sam Levy
   Photographer/Videographer: Ben Kaller
POST PRODUCTION: Exile Editorial
   Editor:  Matt Murphy
   Assistant Editor:  Mitch Goldberg
   Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld
   Head of Production / Producer: Evyn Bryce
   VFX House / Online Artist(s):  Derek @ Drive Thru
   Telecine:  Alex Bickel @ Color Corrective
   Audio Mix:  Micha @ Sisterboss
   Sound Design:
   Post Production Audio Producer: Annie Sparrows
   VFX House:
   On-Line Editor:
   Post Producer: Beth Wilson


“In Return” – Astral
“Say It, Do It” – The Messenger

Music Company: Beacon Street Studios
   Written by: Andrew Feltenstein + John Nau
   EP/Head of Production: Leslie DiLullo

“Breaking Ground” – US_Bank_Breaking Ground_GN_Pull

Music Company: HiFi
   Written by: Garth Neustadter
   EP: Chris Heidman


“In Return”
   Gregg Daniel – Dad
   JJ Boone – Mom
   Todd Anthony – Son
   Amber Hadley – Sister
   Voice Over Talent: Nicole Parrot-Wilson – ANNCR Matt Murphy (Banker on phone)

“Breaking Ground”
   Chi-Lan Lieu – hero
   Kimleigh Smith – colleague
   Brooklyn McLinn – coworker
   Ravi Kapoor – banker
   Wilky Lau – banker
   Diether Ong – running boy 1
   Logan Varela – running boy 2
   William Lee – street crosser
   Nicole Parrott-Wilson – announcer (off camera)

“Say It, Do It”
   Megan Skiendiel – teen friend 1
   Mila Brener – teen friend 2
   Michole White – banker
   Cleo Fraser – teen Emma
   Kate Amundsen – grown Emma
   Emajean Bullock – child Emma
   Noelle Miller – friend juice
   Savannah Kalrud – ballerina
   Holly Peete – ballerina
   Damarion Hall – class boy
   Matthew Murphy – Class president announcer (off camera)
   Nicole Parrott-Wilson – announcer

Source: Carmichael Lynch

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