First Taste: Take a sip of the tropics at Canary


There is an abundance of eating, and especially “cocktailing,” that goes on at the restaurants and bars surrounding the American Film Market which just ended.

You’ll also find the same activities happening at the many eateries around Santa Monica’s affluent production companies and post-houses. That’s why we have to talk about Canary, which just opened November 8.

During the AFM, the Reel 360 team had the chance to sample the tropical-flavored Canary.  Founded by Pacific Coast Hospitality founders Nas Negahban and Wen Yeh, the lounge is seductively lit, catering to an upscale crowd and sets an instant mood of being on a tropical island.

“There isn’t really a nice venue you can go to before or after dinner,” Negahban told Reel 360. “Canary will be a very a welcome addition that will cater to a clientele which is seeking just that.

Longtime LA mixologist  Devin Espinosa has created a unique specialty crafted menu of 11 tropical-inspired cocktails for Canary, with names such as “Fantasma,” “La Frambuesa,” “Angry Bird,” and “Café Fria,” among others

If you scan Espinosa’s  tropical-meets-Hollywood cocktail menu (below) stop at the rum, lemon, passionfruit, yellow Chartreuse, and mint drink called Gran Canaria that hearkens the Spanish tropical island (and this club’s name).

Served   in a meticulously designed canary-shaped glass the drink sweeps you away to the Spanish tropical island it’s named after.

After you take a selfie on the irresistible swing as actress/producer Hilary Barraford (Hot Dog, United States of Tara, The After Party) did, or swung on the dance floor to the nightly live music, head back to to the bar and try Espinosa’s Café Fria.

This delightful drink is made of Giffard banana liqueur, rum agricole, cold brew coffee, pineapple, and stout syrup for a refreshing cooler weather sipper.

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Apparently, Canary will not be serving food, but will arrange for various food trucks to park outside.

Canary is open Wednesday to Friday, 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., Saturday and Sunday, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. (Sundays start December 8).

Whether it’s at the 2020 AFM or you are finished posting in Santa Monica, take a minute before hitting home and try Canary.

Canary. 1301 5th Street, Santa Monica, CA.