Camera Eats First bites dust when it comes to Popeyes

(New Popeyes OOH campaign from GUT)

Heard of Camera Eats First? It’s a phrase used to describe the popular social media trend of taking a photo of your food before taking a bite, so you can post your beautiful Instagram-worthy meal on social media for everyone to see. In fact, the hashtag #CameraEatsFirst has over 284,000 posts on Instagram alone.

But Popeyes and their agency GUT Miami noticed a common trend when scrolling through user-generated photos of its legendary chicken sandwich on Instagram… Many photos of The Sandwich featured a single bite taken out of them. In other words, when your chicken sandwich is as delicious as Popeyes, the “Camera Eats First” rule goes out the window.

In a new out-of-home campaign, Popeyes is showcasing real, untouched user-generated photos of The Sandwich found on social media with a bite taken out of it.

The campaign, which launched on April 13th and runs through April 18th in Times Square, proves that nobody can resist taking the first bite of The Sandwich, not even for the “‘gram.”

While the product itself defies the “Camera Eats First” trend, the campaign, created by GUT Miami, intends to defy the trends of QSR advertising, which typically showcases “perfect,” retouched photos of food that are far off from the reality.

The only logos in the ads are featured on the product’s packaging, and each user’s Instagram handle is prominently displayed.



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