Burnett takes Enbridge to higher ground in new work


Launching Enbridge’s new ‘Tomorrow Is On’ campaign, a new film from Leo Burnett, follows a rooster showing how the company is bridging to a cleaner energy future. 

The film begins with a rooster starting his day just like every other before, on a farm awaiting the sunrise. But just as the farmhouse awakens, he decides today is going to be different than the ones before and begins his journey into town, strutting to a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground as he makes his way through a world waking up and turning on with conventional and renewable energies.

Watch below:


“The work we’re doing at Enbridge is all about bridging to a sustainable energy future. It’s happening every day, and it’s the environmental progress and innovation we’re focused on for tomorrow. This little rooster is a symbol of all that work and our commitment to it,” says Mike Fernandez, SVP, public affairs, communications and sustainability and chief communications officer. “And while he acts as a guide to showcase how we transport and use energy, the campaign also demonstrates how we’re lowering emissions through modernizing our conventional systems and deploying wind, solar, hydrogen, carbon capture and other technologies.” Mike continues, “The rooster’s journey is an ambitious one, and like us he’s taking on tomorrow with everything he’s got.” 

Enbridge’s ‘Tomorrow Is On’ campaign underscores how an effort begun by the company 20 years ago is now bridging to a sustainable energy future. While a rooster is the hero in the television ads, the sunrise is used throughout other communications to symbolise the transition to a new day. 

“There’s a spirit that the rooster brings that is exactly what our message means,” adds Steve Persico, co-CCO at Leo Burnett, the agency partner for the campaign. “Yes, like Enbridge, he’s always ready to take on every day. But this rooster, when he wakes up and looks to tomorrow, he isn’t just meeting it; it’s on.” Steve continues, “And while the visuals and messaging all tell that story, combined with the determination of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground, it’s all about reaching higher, and always getting better.” 

Mike adds, “The rooster is the embodiment of our excitement for what’s on the horizon for Enbridge. We’re embracing the future – not denying it. Tomorrow Is On.” 

Accompanying the filmed television advertising is a fully integrated campaign with digital, print, and radio running in select markets within the United States and Canada.


CLIENT: Enbridge

AGENCY: Leo Burnett Toronto

  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Kohl Forsberg
  • CREATIVES: Layton Wu, Matthew McDonald
  • TV PRODUCER: Grace Lee

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Circle Productions

  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karen Tameanko
  • DIRECTOR: Chris Balmond
  • DP: Adam Marsden
  • PRODUCER: Amanda Field

EDIT: Outsider Editorial

POST: Post Office



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