Buick challenges sports fans to see her greatness

(Courtesy of Buick)

After dedicating last year to raising awareness around inequity in women’s sports coverage, Buick continues its commitment to providing everyone the opportunity to see the excellence of women’s sports for themselves. 

As a longtime partner of NCAA, Buick is now extending the ‘See Her Greatness’ campaign which launched in 2022, with new initiatives designed to increase visibility of women’s sports, drive equity and inclusion, and create platforms for meaningful conversation. 

In a series of online ads, created by Leo Burnett, five of the league’s top athletes posed a simple challenge: watch me. This request is now easier than ever. On game days, sports fans on the ESPN site will see ads that drive them directly to the WatchESPN streaming hub with a click of a button. 

The athletes included in the campaign are Aliyah BostonCameron BrinkCaitlin ClarkAzzi Fudd and Kiki Rice.  


“At Buick we feel an inherent responsibility to advocate for inclusivity and the equity of women, it’s in our DNA” said Molly Peck, chief marketing officer, global Buick and GMC. “As a brand, we have the highest percentage of female buyers in the industry, and a long history of supporting companies and causes that empower women. This year, we’re being even more expansive in our efforts to drive recognition for these amazing athletes.”

Extending Her Greatness

As a continuation of Buick’s commitment made in 2022 to raise awareness around inequity in women’s sports coverage, the brand is now extending its See Her Greatness campaign with new initiatives designed to increase the visibility of women’s sports, drive equity and inclusion, and create platforms for women to have meaningful conversations. 

The new online ad campaign gives five prominent female athletes a platform to tell their own stories, as they share several reasons to “watch me.” 

Working with ESPN, Buick will launch a unique ad campaign with spots running at times aligned with the Women’s March Madness games. Clicking on these digital and social ads will drive consumers directly to the WatchESPN streaming hub in the hopes of driving incremental viewership of the games.

The brand is also sponsoring a #SeeHerGreatness challenge on TikTok encouraging users to share their own moments of greatness through trick shots, speed and strength drills, in-game clips and other impressive feats. The challenge will be amplified by a host of talented women, across different sports and fitness ventures, participating in the challenge.

To further amplify the conversation, Buick is continuing its collaboration with TOGETHXR, a women-athlete-founded and female-led media company built to showcase women and girls as game changers, to host live “mentor huddles” for viewers to witness authentic discussions between well-known female athletes at major NCAA athletic events.

The next huddles will take place outside American Airlines Center in Dallas prior the Women’s Basketball Final Four games on March 31 and Championship game on April 2.

For those attending the Men’s and Women’s Final Four and Championship games in Houston and Dallas, Buick will offer free shuttles to take fans to and from the stadiums and surrounding sites. Interested spectators should look for one of the brand’s wrapped Buick Encore GXs, Envisions and Enclaves during Final Four weekend – from March 31 through April 3 – to catch a free ride.

On March 24-25, Buick will take over Portland’s The Sports Bra, the only bar in the country to exclusively broadcast women’s sports. Buick will work with bar owner and executive chef, Jenny Nguyen, to host watch parties for the Women’s Sweet 16 basketball games. The watch party events will include special guest appearances by well-known female athletes who will surprise and engage with patrons throughout the two-day event.

The campaign will transcend multiple platforms, including a #SeeHerGreatness challenge on TikTok, an in-person two-day watch party event at The Sports Bra in Portland, Oregon, and free shuttle rides during Final Four Weekend. 

For the second year in a row, Buick will run an equal number of paid ads in the women’s and men’s NCAA tournaments.

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