Bubbly premieres self-mocking ode to Advertising

(Frank Siringo and Andres Rojas)

Boutique production company Team (not that kind of team) Bubbly (not that kind of bubbly) turned 10, a feat that saw it through a recession, the COVID-19 pandemic and industry-spanning inflation, all while appeasing their arduous, micromanaging agent.

To celebrate, they spent half a year–and half the new guy’s, director Justin Ongeri’s, chance at a decent performance review–creating an anniversary film with serious Wes Anderson vibes that spotlights their multi-talented team and the hoops they jump through to appease the advertising industry’s demanding influence.

Team Bubbly founders Frank Siringo and Andres Rojas stitch their love of brand creativity, their characteristically oddball humor, and stories of their studio’s shining stars, together into a hilarious short fit for any anniversary from 10 to 100. 

The film follows Frank and Andres’ journey to define Team Bubbly as a company and its place in advertising, much too slowly for the likes of their agent, delightfully played by Andres’ daughter.

Highlights include lead editor Chris Campion’s affinity for Australian meat pies, quality time spent popping bubbles in the closet of Frank (or Andres’) mind, pretty much every scene starring producer Malorie Gill, and the earnest conclusion that agency life walks a fine line between capitulating to your client and being true to your heart. Hopefully more of the latter, most of the time. Watch below:



  • Director – Justin Ongeri 
  • EP – Andres Rojas 
  • EP – Frank Siringo 
  • DP – Mayer Chalom 
  • Editors – Justin Ongeri & Chris Campion 
  • GFX – Chris Campin
  • Production Designer – Joonie Jang 
  • Production Coordinator – Malorie Gill 
  • Associate Producer – Nathan Carpenter 
  • Written by Justin Ongeri & Micah Hanner
  • Sound Design – Eber Pinheiro
  • Colorist – Irving Harvey Post Production 
  • Gaffer –  John Izarpate
  • Key Grip – Jonathan Saavedra 
  • Sound Engineer – Sean Madden 
  • Wardrobe Stylist – Bella Anselmi
  • 1st AC – Manny Rodriguez
  • 2nd AC – Percio Luciano
  • Swing Grip – Duell Davis 
  • Wardrobe Asst. – Ornela Qorri
  • Set Dresser – Ande Delano
  • Set Dresser – Jordan Grubb
  • PA – Matt Becker
  • PA – Elena Axo 


  • Andres Rojas – Himself 
  • Frank Siringo – Himself 
  • Chris Campion – Himself 
  • Malorie Gill – Herself 
  • Nathan Carpenter – Himself 
  • Elizabeth Saydah – Agent’s Voice 
  • Benhan Jones – Narrator 
  • Justin Ongeri – “Himself” 
  • Emilia Rojas – Agent 

The “Film” Crew

  • Dax Tolson
  • Berkley Kirsche
  • Shai Jones
  • Mike Heinz
  • Sookie Kwak
  • Luke Baker
  • Quentin Zanders

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