Bent Image Lab: Anneke Schoneveld creates stop motion spot for Lucky Charms and Cartoon Network

Lucky Charms
(New Lucky Charms Stop Motion spot)

Anneke Schoneveld has created her first stop motion commercial for Lucky Charms and Cartoon Network with Portland Oregon animation studio Bent Image Lab.

This epic space odyssey of a cereal-built rocket ship touring a marshmallow galaxy celebrates General Mills’ Lucky Charms cereal and ties back to the Cartoon Network’s new show Elliot from Earth.

Anneke Schoneveld is a television and social media commercial director using animation, live-action and visual effects for enhancing brand stories. Formerly based in New York City she now resides in Portland, Oregon.

Known for her stylish, live-action food directing in the U.S. and Europe for brands such as McDonalds, Pepsi, Land O’Lakes, and Nestles, Schoneveld and Bent discovered they shared a mutual passion for stop motion animation, leading them to collaborate on combining stop motion with the very colorful Lucky Charms marshmallow cereal. Watch below:

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Lucky Charms
Anneke Schoneveld

“Anneke brings a cinematic style and an inventive approach to storytelling in her work that translates easily to animation; she is able to focus your attention on the product in a way that takes you into an immediate emotional connection. Her tone is sophisticated, humorous yet stylish and fresh,” said Ray Di Carlo, Bent’s Senior Executive Producer. “I was captivated by Anneke’s intuitive sense of narrative and her attention to detail.”

Schoneveld’s foray into stop motion animation is a new direction in her commercial film career but one that she has been working toward for years. “I love shooting food and focusing on the beauty of natural ingredients, but it’s the limitless imagination that comes with animation has always been my dream space to work in.”