Believe The Hype! They’re 25!

(Colleen O’Mara, Jessie Nagel)

The team at Hype — the award-winning PR, Marketing & Social Agency, headed by company Co-Founders/Special Agents Colleen O’Mara & Jessie Nagel — celebrates its “Silver Jubilee,” promising to deliver a year filled with celebratory moments in recognition of its 25th Anniversary. 

“Hype has expanded and diversified over the past five years to be the agency it is today,” comments O’Mara. “We are thrilled to be marking this milestone together as an international team.”

“Although this significant anniversary highlights our many successes over the years, our core mission has remained the same since our start: to collaborate with company owners and entrepreneurs, and to build their brands, companies and creative entities based on their business and creative goals,” adds Nagel.

Recent highlights for the company include the launch of Hype Social, the agency’s social media division, and Hype Creative, the agency’s branding and design division. Starting out as a one-person team, Hype Social has grown to include five Social Media Managers, including Celeste Tauchar, Noah John, Yamina Al-Asadi, Alexandra Cass and Dominique Mayorga.

Launched in late 2020, Hype Creative features the talents of Creative Directors Jenne Dixon and Michael Uman, as well as Designer Logan Stoodley. Both Mayorga and Stoodley have additional, cornerstone roles at Hype, with Mayorga heading up PR Special Projects and Stoodley serving as Coordinator and carrying the apt “Double Agent” title.

In addition to clients in entertainment and advertising, since its founding, Hype has been committed to collaborating with non-profit organizations and has counted among its clients the Amazon Aid Foundation, Venice Arts, Inner-City Arts, the Highland Park Independent Film Festival, the Ojai Film Festival, and the J.B. & Emily Van Nuys Charities, among many others. 

(Clockwise: Logan Stoodley, Dominique Mayorga, Jenne Dixon, Yamina Al-Asadi, Alexandra Cass, Noah John, Celeste Taucher, Michael Uman)


Additionally, Hype hosted its own film festival, Hypefest, for five years, the premiere festival to showcase short-format content, including short films, commercials & music videos.

Spearheaded by O’Mara & Nagel, the founding duo have also mindfully reached out in recent years to like-minded entrepreneurs who share an ethical business philosophy to foster “partnering collaborations,” which include Carol Cox of Florida-based Speaking Your Brand (both O’Mara and Nagel are recent graduates of their Thought Leader Academy), Sarah Owen of U.K.-based Pumpkin, and Katie McCullough of U.K.-based Festival Formula, all of whom are now among Hype’s regular collaborators.

In addition to their founding of Hype, Co-Founders Colleen O’Mara & Jessie Nagel have not shied away from providing their leadership experience to the local and industry communities. Colleen O’Mara is a Co-Founder of the Venice Media District and The Yellow Nest. Jessie Nagel is a Co-Founder of Women in Animation, Green The Bid, and sits on the AICP West Coast Board, where she is a driving force in the #AICPGives and Tech Drives, among other initiatives.

As Hype turns a page on its 25th Anniversary and this historic milestone, O’Mara & Nagel look to the future, where they will continue to mentor and foster their Hype team to provide PR, Marketing & Social Media services to the agency’s growing client roster, including entertainment creative service companies, ad agencies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, filmmakers, as well as fine art and music artists.

“Our goal with Hype from here,” concludes O’Mara, “is to continue to foster our collaborations and relationships with our clients and our team at Hype to ensure the agency’s impact and viability, so that she may have a long life in the future.”

“The idea of celebrating a Silver Jubilee was considered well before Queen Elizabeth’s passing, to honor the anniversary with reverie,” sums up Nagel.  “It is also a nod to those — including the Queen as an iconic monarch, mother, and leader –  who have inspired us along the way,” she adds. “We are grateful for time spent doing what we love with exceptional people. It’s a continuing adventure and we are excited to experience what’s to come.”

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