BBDO latest agency to get in on the banana action


Advertisers are going bananas over parodying banana art. You know the one – Comedian created by Maurizio Cattelan that sold for $120,000 at Art Basel in Miami Beach. Last week, sister outlet Reel Chicago reported on FCB creating a parody for client Glad and their Flex n’ Seal bag.

Art Basel is an annual event where galleries from around the world showcase the work of current and emerging artists. Depending on who you talk to, it is an awesome, annoying, and/or vain exhibition of creativity for sale.

Anyhow, BBDO Minneapolis got in on the action on behalf of client Skippy, which can now be seen on Instagram.

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While we know what BBDO is doing, and we like it, it just looks all kinds of wrong to us. Just the tip, guys? Maybe the Reel 360 team needs a good holiday break to take our heads out of the gutter.

CLIENT: Skippy


Art Direction : Holly Younce

Writing: Olivia Boone

SOURCE: Minneapolis Egotist