Battery delivers buttery campaign for Land O’Lakes

Land O'Lakes
(Battery delivers tasty new Land O’Lakes campaign)

Buttery baked goods are hard enough to resist as it is. But if you ever needed a reason for that extra bit of butter or slice of cheese, supporting independent farmers gives you permission to indulge. This fresh campaign reminds consumers that when you buy Land O’ Lakes products, you are directly benefitting over 1,000 dairy farmer-owners and their communities.

Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s foremost agribusiness and food companies, reveals an appetite for work that is bold and different with the first brand campaign created by Battery(Havas Media Group) since being appointed agency of record for Land O’Lakes Dairy Foods retail brands in August.

“The consumer and marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace and we are excited to step out in a bold way with this new campaign for our Dairy Foods retail brands. The work celebrates the most authentic part of who Land O’Lakes is, a farmer-owned co-op, and the enjoyment that comes with eating food you can feel good about,” says new CMO and Senior Vice President, Heather Malenshek.

Set to air through programmatic paid video, social media, shopper and the Land O’Lakes, Inc. website, “Eat It Like You Own It” not only celebrates Land O’Lakes’ progressive 100-year-old farmer-owned, co-op business model – it invites consumers to eat Land O Lakes® products proudly as if you were a farmer-owner yourself.  

Directed by Brig of Tool of North America, and shot by Oscar-nominated Director of Photography Rachel Morrison, the good feeling is baked right into the four sunny spots: “Anthem,” “The Perfect Sandwich,” “Cookie Swap,” and “Buttered Toast.”

Driven by an abundance mindset, the tagline “Eat It Like You Own It” is the ultimate permission slip to eat the food you love. Because you can feel good about where and who it comes from. Watch the anthem below:

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Andrea Schneider, Creative Director of Battery told Reel 360, “On our initial chemistry call with the Land O’Lakes team, we got a great sense of the true ambition they had, and that made the project so appealing to us. This was a rare situation when the client bought the concept from the get-go. Battery went into the final pitch with the one idea and it hit the brief in a way that laid the foundation: to get people to know about the farmer-owners they are directly benefitting when they buy Land O’Lakes products, and feel good about eating what they love. Not every brand would be as comfortable going into a final meeting with an agency that was all-in on a single idea. It speaks to how brave and bold Land O’Lakes is willing to be,”

‘Eat It Like You Own It’ is joyful and self-evident. It feels like an unwritten truth, and it’s what we should aspire to do. This campaign narrows it down to small incremental moments of joy, eating those truly satisfying foods that make you feel good – and you feel especially good about who your money is supporting. It applies to everyone, and the overall notion of community, which we all need right now,” added Philip Khosid, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Battery

Timed for the brand’s 100th anniversary, this is the first Land O’Lakes campaign to emerge under the leadership of Malenshek. 


CLIENT – Land O’Lakes

  • Beth Ford – President and CEO   
  • Heather Malenshek – SVP Chief Marketing Officer
  • Catherine Einig Fox – VP of Brand and Product Marketing, Dairy Foods
  • Rebecca Dye – Senior Director Brand Marketing
  • Chris Kueppers -Brand Manager, Dairy Foods
  • Kimberly Anderson -Culinary Center Manager

AGENCY – Battery

  • CEO / Founding Partner – Anson Sowby
  • CCO / Founding Partner – Philip Khosid
  • Creative Director – Drea Schneider
  • Creative Director – Emily Rosen
  • Head of Production – Stanton Hill
  • Executive Producer – Katherina Villa
  • Post Executive Producer – Manuel Reta
  • Group Brand Director – Caitlin McNulty Cabral
  • Brand Coordinator – Elijah Patterson

MEDIA AGENCY – Havas Media Group

  • Director, Client Leadership – Kristen Ambrookian
  • Senior Connections Planner – Sam Sugarman
  • Director, Programmatic Strategy – Klaudia Smykowska
  • SVP, Commerce – Corey Cutshall


  • Director – Brig
  • DP – Rachel Morrison
  • Managing Director – Nancy Hacohen
  • Executive Producer – Rob Sexton
  • Head of Production       – Adam Litt
  • Producer – Wade Brandenberger
  • Prod. Supervisor – Denny Rubianes
  • Prod. Supervisor – Moira Michiels
  • Editor – Jason Lewis

COLOR – Apache

Colorist – Arianna Shining Star


Post Executive Producer – Mila Davis

VFX – Bacon

  • Flame Artist – Mitch Gardiner 
  • Motion Graphics – Heyday 

MUSIC – Keith Power

SOUND + Mix – Beacon Street Studios

Sound Designer + Mixer – Rommel Molina