Baby Nut “shellabrates” 21st birthday

(Baby Nut turns twenty fun)

Before Baby Yoda, it was Baby Nut who captured America’s curiosity. It even seems like just yesterday, (COVID what?) we witnessed the death of Mr. Peanut as he drove the Nutmobile over a cliff with Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh.

He was then resurrected as Baby Nut on the Super Bowl. And America fell in love. Now he’s all “growed up.”

Baby Nut is now growing into Peanut Jr. and turning the legal drinking-age of twenty fun! Some things to know as he shellebrates this new stage of life:

Planters, via AOR VaynerMedia, shares that the spirit of and wisdom of Mr. Peanut will continue to live on in Peanut Jr. as he embarks on a new nutty stage of life. He still as a lot to learn – like what is his favorite go-to drink and how can he become a “Peanut of the People.” Watch below:

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For his 21st birthday, Peanut Jr. wants to help others who missed out on parties these past few months and give them a birthday they’ll always remember:

  • Three lucky fans who had or will have a birthday in quarantine will win $2,100 in cash delivered to their doorstep by the iconic NUTmobile
  • To enter, fans must share their dream birthday gift in ten words or less on Twitter and include #MakeMyBirthdayNuts #Sweepstakes
  • The chance to win a birthday present from Peanut Jr. runs from August 11 to August 24

Whether they spend their birthday winnings on a personal-sized backyard pool, a bean bag chair, or a bunch of mixed nuts, it’s sure to be a nutty celebration.

Fans can follow along on his journey on Twitter @MrPeanut

SOURCE: Kraft Heinz Company

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