VaynerMedia launches fluff campaign for Jet-Puffed

1+ After watching this new Jet-Puffed campaign from award-winning agency, VaynerMedia, the Reel 360 team feels like we just experienced a :60-second long bong hit… if you know, we did do bongs. This all emanates from an adorable new look and campaign for those fluffy marshmallows that we love so much. The exuberant new :60 … Continue reading “VaynerMedia launches fluff campaign for Jet-Puffed”

Pepsi, VaynerMedia engage audiences with a ring

1+ Thinking of giving your sweetie a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for Valentine’s Day? Well, forget the ol’ Emerald and Princess cuts for her, him or they. Have them try this on for size – a Pepsi Engagement Ring. You read that right. For this heart-shaped day, the beverage brand has launched a one-of-a-kind contest, tailor … Continue reading “Pepsi, VaynerMedia engage audiences with a ring”

VaynerMedia and VaynerProductions win first-ever Lions

1+ The French were kind to NY-based VaynerMedia and its in-house production arm VaynerProductions. At the 66th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, VaynerMedia and in-house production company, VaynerProductions, won four Cannes Lions, a first for both companies. “I’m enormously grateful to work with partners who give us the autonomy to take risks on behalf … Continue reading “VaynerMedia and VaynerProductions win first-ever Lions”

VaynerX launches VaynerTalent agency

1+ VaynerX announced the launch of VaynerTalent, a modern-day talent agency for emerging and established personalities looking to expand their brands in a contemporary way. The company combines traditional talent management with an innate ability to develop personal brands through unique content creation and social strategy. It will focus on strategic consulting, digital marketing, and … Continue reading “VaynerX launches VaynerTalent agency”

T-Pain, Miz Cracker & Kim Chi, RHONY tease Sabra

1+ Who doesn’t love hummus at a Super Bowl party?  Sabra and its agency, Vayner Media, have unveiled teasers for its first-ever Super Bowl commercial as the brand prepares to move hummus from the sidelines into prime time for the biggest dipping occasion of the year. The teasers feature an unexpected mix of stars including rapper … Continue reading “T-Pain, Miz Cracker & Kim Chi, RHONY tease Sabra”

Mr. Peanut meets fiery death saving Wesley Snipes

2+ RIP, Mr. Peanut. I ate you well. In by far what is the nuttiest Super Bowl teaser yet, Planters Peanuts has killed off beloved Mr. Peanut in a fiery death from AOR Vayner Media. The first question that comes to the minds of the Reel 360 team is, does this mean Mr. Peanut is … Continue reading “Mr. Peanut meets fiery death saving Wesley Snipes”

Hue&Cry crafts latest Chase Bank campaign

2+ Richmond based-creative studio Hue&Cry in collaboration with New York-based creative agency VaynerMedia, have unveiled a handful of simple, vibrant new spots showcasing the added upgrades to the Chase Freedom Unlimited card.  The ads, which have launched as part of the bank’s larger campaign for its cash back rewards credit card, reinforces Chase’s brand positioning that with every product and interaction, the … Continue reading “Hue&Cry crafts latest Chase Bank campaign”

Woodshop director Peter Cote delivers new work for Cracker Barrel, Dunkin’ Cereal

1+ WoodShop Founders Executive Producer Sam Swisher and ECD/Director Trevor Shepard have welcomed Director Peter Cote to the company’s expanding roster of directorial talent. Cote joins the WoodShop team with the launch of a brand-new Cracker Barrel campaign for fall, which has received over 1.8 Million Views.  “Peter is a unicorn; he has a robust … Continue reading “Woodshop director Peter Cote delivers new work for Cracker Barrel, Dunkin’ Cereal”

Van Jones to keynote ‘Where Are All The Black People’

1+ CNN host and political commentator Van Jones has been announced as the special keynote speaker at Where Are All The Black People (WAATBP), The One Club for Creativity’s annual diversity conference and career happening this year on September 22nd-24th and presented online, free of charge. Van Jones is an Emmy-nominated producer, and for more than 25 years has been a leader … Continue reading “Van Jones to keynote ‘Where Are All The Black People’”

Baby Nut “shellabrates” 21st birthday

1+ Before Baby Yoda, it was Baby Nut who captured America’s curiosity. It even seems like just yesterday, (COVID what?) we witnessed the death of Mr. Peanut as he drove the Nutmobile over a cliff with Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. He was then resurrected as Baby Nut on the Super Bowl. And America fell … Continue reading “Baby Nut “shellabrates” 21st birthday”

MiO “fixes water” in amusing new spot

1+ Human beings are 60% H20. We need at least eight glasses of water every day. If we have kidney stones, like some of the Reel 360 team does, we need even more. But here’s the rub, as refreshing as water is, it tastes like well… water. Now, liquid water enhancement category leader MiO has launched a … Continue reading “MiO “fixes water” in amusing new spot”

Ad Council addresses racism toward API community

1+ With President Donald Trump consistently referring to the current novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic as “The Chinese virus,” it’s no wonder the United States has seen an increase in racism, scapegoating and bigotry, particularly towards Asian populations. This perpetuates the harmful stereotypes that the community has fought for so long to dismantle. With nearly 2,000 … Continue reading “Ad Council addresses racism toward API community”

‘Wassup’ with Budweiser? A second spot w/Issa Rae

2+ After a successful re-launch of their iconic ‘wassup’ campaign with D-Nice, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, as well a revamped audio track of the original 1999 spot, Budweiser has unveiled another contemporary and timely version of its commercial as a reminder for America to prioritize check-ins with loved ones as the country endures unprecedented … Continue reading “‘Wassup’ with Budweiser? A second spot w/Issa Rae”

Seagram’s 7 Crown slides into 7UP’s DMs

1+ Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day and Seagram’s 7 Crown is sliding into the DMs of its favorite companion, confidant, lover, and friend. Seagram’s 7 Crown, via agency Forsman & Bodenfors New York, is shooting its shot with 7UP by sending an innocent (yet thirsty) ‘late night’ DM to 7UP expressing its … Continue reading “Seagram’s 7 Crown slides into 7UP’s DMs”

Our top five Super Bowl spots for 2020

2+ And just like that, another Super Bowl is over. Congratulations to former Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid for finally hoisting his well-deserved Vince Lombardi Trophy after leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a 31 – 20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. And in between each exciting down and J.Lo showing off what 50-year-old … Continue reading “Our top five Super Bowl spots for 2020”

One Club announces jury for Young Ones Student Awards

2+ Ogilvy Creative Director Kate Desmarais, Leo Burnett VP, Strategy Director Stephanie Dials and Accenture Designer Dahye Ok will represent Chicago on the The One Club for Creativity jury for its global 2020 Young Ones Student Awards, which identifies the best young creative talent at colleges around the world in a variety of creative disciplines. The gender-balanced … Continue reading “One Club announces jury for Young Ones Student Awards”

Pepsi sends a joyful Christmas Cardi B

1+ Pepsi has unveiled a Christmas campaign featuring rapping sensation Cardi B as a badass Santa. Delivering money to the world in a flying car, the ad is the direct opposite of Coca-cola’s wholesome image. The flagship campaign, created by VaynerMedia, is designed to create a new holiday tradition by giving cash during the holidays … Continue reading “Pepsi sends a joyful Christmas Cardi B”

DDB Worldwide named No. 2 “Most Creative Network”

1+ There has always been something special about DDB and in particular, the Chicago office. From the moment, I walked through its doors, I knew I was in an agency that would influence me throughout my lifetime. Now the Cannes Lions know what I felt. DDB Worldwide came in second globally and was given multiple … Continue reading “DDB Worldwide named No. 2 “Most Creative Network””

Reel Ad of the Week: This Bud’s for Dwayne Wade

3+ Okay Dwayne Wade and his Miami Heat soundly beat my Sixers last night in his last home game. I suppose for a legend such as Wade (who also played for my Chicago Bulls), it was a fitting end. Especially when you consider the day also served as the debut of a touching, emotionally-packed spot … Continue reading “Reel Ad of the Week: This Bud’s for Dwayne Wade”

Watch Devour’s racy food porn Super Bowl spot

3+ “Some may say our new commercial is too hot for TV. We’ll let the audience decide.” – Katy Marshall, Marketing Lead for Springboard The Reel 360 team was not going to post anymore today, but that was before we came across the Devour Super Bowl spot. The 3-year-old disruptive frozen food brand, which is … Continue reading “Watch Devour’s racy food porn Super Bowl spot”