AWS and NFL ‘Stat That’ in new campaign from BSSP

(AWS introduces STAT THAT from BSSP)

The sports fan experience has become synonymous with stats. Behind every incredible play there are thousands of data points that tell the story of what made the play special—speed, distance, proximity, probability of success, and much more. The NFL uses Next Gen Stats powered by Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) machine learning and AI to take fans, broadcasters, coaches and teams inside the action and show the hidden data behind each play.

Amazon Web Services has launched a brand-new ad campaign that brings that relationship to life, showing how the NFL uses its real-time data and machine learning to transform their fan experience.

Developed in partnership with Sausalito-based independent agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP), Stat That is a rallying cry meant to capture this new level of fan engagement and insight. It’s a growing chorus for how fans want to watch the NFL and appreciate the incredible action on a whole new level.

“Most of the machine learning in the cloud is being done by AWS. BSSP is thrilled to have our first partnership with Amazon be centered on how the NFL uses the power of AWS machine learning to create an epic experience for teams and fans,” said Tracey Faux Pattani, CEO. 

The AWS campaign represents a chant, a question, an exclamation point around the desire to see the stats. And it showcases the real-world power and potential of AWS for its clients. As a whole, the creative effort is aimed at engaging enterprise business leaders who are looking to gain an edge by harnessing the power of cloud services, as well as the broader NFL audience. Watch below:

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“The NFL is full of incredible players making improbable plays — and AWS’s Next Gen Stats tell the whole story through machine learning and data. Our goal was to give culture a way to be part of that and make the words “Stat That” synonymous with epic football feats, said Sinan Dagli and Nicole Michels McDonagh, Group Creative Directors at BSSP. 

Stat That has started to roll out nationally and will run throughout the 2021/2022 NFL season. The AWS TV spots will also have digital and social media extensions.

This is BSSP’s first time working with AWS – the agency won this assignment as a project earlier this year. 



  • Lindsey Sutphin — Head of Advertising (AWS)
  • Travis Meidell — Creative Director (AWS)
  • Emilee Brunton — Campaign Manager (AWS)


  • Sinan Dagli — Group Creative Director
  • Nicole Michels McDonagh — Group Creative Director
  • Jeff Hornung — Creative Director
  • Will Sands — Associate Creative Director
  • Robison Mattei — Associate Creative Director
  • Julia Waicberg — Senior Copywriter
  • Sarah Noel Ross — Senior Art Director
  • Nicole Schofield — Executive Producer
  • Chris Cummings — Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jake Bayham — Head of Strategy
  • John Weber — Group Business Director
  • Amanda Burtnett — Account Executive
  • Patrick Kiss — President


  • Director: Stuart McIntyre
  • Executive Producer: Anura Idupuganti
  • Head of Production: Roger Zorovich
  • Coordinator: Joe Yardley
  • Producer: Salli Zilles
  • Production Supervisor: Moira Hurley

EDIT: Work Editorial

  • Editor: Biff Butler
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VFX Company: Framestore

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SOUND: Lime Studios

Mixer:  Zac Fisher 

MEDIA AGENCY: Rufus (Amazon agency at Initiative)