Filmmaker Raynor launches screenwriting app

With many Americans now sitting at home “social distancing,” due to the Coronavirus outbreak, they are now presented with the opportunity to learn a new skill or possibly even do what they’ve been dreaming to do. If you’ve always had the goal of starting and writing a screenplay, now may be your best chance. Award-winning Australian filmmaker and author David Raynor has launched a new Web app for screenwriters, specifically designed to streamline and simplify the process. Welcome to  SPSCloud.

David Raynor

So, you have a great love story or thriller that’s burning to get out. SPS Cloud enables the writer to pen screenplays with ease (you still have to write), allowing the ability to add scenes, characters and elements, edit scene headings, make notes and revisions, and export and share scripts.

Raynor, who is the President of Bad Hat Films, told Reel 360, “I decided to develop the app after I saw a real need for it in the industry, while I was working on my own screenplays and scripts. There is no other screenwriting tool out there today that compares to SPS Cloud.

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Raynor added, “When speaking to a university lecturer recently, he mentioned that there is a push at the moment for screenwriters to add more detail into the action sequences, more like descriptions in a book. I didn’t know this at the time when I was designing the app, but this is what my app is able to do.”

Christopher K├╝hne, founder, Storyan, checked out the app and was pleased by its simplicity. “Breaking down a script can take a significant amount of time, but SPSCloud allows you to speed up the process and save time since the very writing of the script itself. Not only writers will find it easier to put their stories and their elements down on the page, but producers, line producers, directors, and heads of department alike will wish they had an app like SPSCloud before.”

Officially launching yesterday, SPSCloud offers a 14-day free trial period, allowing subscribers to experience and utilize the service.  After the trial period, the rate will be $59.88 US, or 4.99 US per month.

An accompanying, free SPSCloud mobile will also soon be launched, and eventually the service will be made available in other languages.

Get going on that story, writers. You’ve got a little time on your hands.

Colin Costello is the West Coast Editor of Reel 360. Contact him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter at @colinthewriter1