AT&T keeps us up to speed with Hyper Gig


Anyone who’s taken a family road trip knows that last-minute delays come with the territory. Thankfully, AT&T is doing its part to move things along.

In “Hyper Gig,” directed by Sebastian Caporelli, produced by Easy Mondays+Poster, and created via Dallas-based Dieste, Inc., a family of four (and another van full of travelers) is trying to head out, when dad asks young Emilio if he’s downloaded content for the road. He hasn’t. The ideal solution comes courtesy of AT&T, providing the fastest internet on the fastest growing fiber network with 2-Gig and 5-Gig speed tiers. Of course, the story doesn’t end there…

“Sebastián Caporelli helped elevate our script with his vision,” said Dieste GCD Benjamin Jara.
“He made it more dynamic, he grew the story, and throughout production it was a very collaborative process. The result, a memorable and entertaining spot for our consumer!” Watch below:


Known for his visual prowess and VFX skills on large-scale projects for Jeep and others, Caporelli has also cultivated the kind of performance-driven storytelling chops on display in “Hyper Gig.”

“Keep in mind, I grew up in the 80’s with all the great movies from that era that for sure made an impression on me,” Caporelli noted. “In this case, the cinematic approach comes down to the technical decisions like the Steadicam, or having a crane movement at the end to add the cinematic vibe to a really simple story.”

Of the interplay among the ensemble, the director said, “To get the nuances of the story, we gave each family member a personality and it was hands-down the best teamwork ever among agency (Benja, Juanca, Diablo, Dani y Julian) and client (Sujey Brito from AT&T) to get the characters down and capture such a natural ‘family’ performance.”

2022 has been a busy year for Caporelli. Recent work includes work for Miller via ALMA, Toyota Colombia, and Chevrolet with Commonwealth Argentina. “I really have to say I was lucky to have great agency teams and super nice clients throughout,” said Caporelli, “that gave me freedom to create on each one of them.” He also cited TeranTBWA in Mexico, with whom “I had the fortune to shoot three amazing campaigns for Palacio de Hierro, one of the most important brands in Mexico’s modern culture, and for which I’m really thankful.”

Caporelli had an early start in VFX as a 3D artist on one of the major VFX in Argentina. After earning a degree in Film Direction, he continued to work as a VFX supervisor, all the while shooting short films & music videos, working with artists such as Chemical Brothers on their world project & winning the MTVaids Latam award with the “crash test dummy” short film.

Caporelli then began working on commercials, applying all his knowledge to cement his craft with projects like the global “kick-ass sneaker of the future” ad for DIESEL, crafting the docu-style animated spot from the ground up. 

Automotive work for JEEP and VW followed, complemented by comedy and lifestyle spots for which he earned several awards, including the Sol de Plata in Spain, Silver in Lia, Silver at Epica Paris, Gold Ojo de Iberoamérica, and Gold Circulo Creativo Mexico. Among Caporelli’s other credits are projects for Toyota, Kia, McDonald’s, Coke, and Pepsi, via the world’s leading agencies. 


CLIENT: AT&T, El Segundo CA

AGENCY: Dieste, Dallas TX

  • Group Creative Dir.: Benjamin Jara 
  • Creative Director: Juan Camilo Valdivieso 
  • Sr. Art Director: Daniel Vicente Diaz 
  • Associate Creative Dir.: Andres Pedraza
  • Director of Production: John Costello
  • Sr. Producer: Julian Martinez


  • Easy Mondays EP: Asori Soto
  • Poster EP: Ale Ruax
  • Producer: Tom Martin
  • Director: Sebastián Caporelli
  • DP:  Federico Cantini

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