19th & Park produce anthem for Save the Music


Creative marketing and production company 19th & Park has produced the latest spot for Save The Music, a non-profit organization focused on music education and philanthropy.

19th & Park worked alongside award-winning social impact consultancy Matter Unlimited to produce the film, which focuses on the joy and enrichment of music education and features the very kids impacted by Save The Music. 

19th & Park produced the video to coincide with Save The Music’s 25th anniversary while highlighting its mission to help students, schools, and communities reach their full potential through the power of making music.

“We wanted the students at the forefront, just as much as the music,” explains William Oaks IV, 19th & Park Executive Producer. “That meant going into the schools in order to film kids in their element, which can be a delicate process. I am someone who often says that the arts as a kid saved my life. It was dance and music that inspired me and it was a great joy for me, personally, to work with young people who also share that passion.”

Production took place at schools in Newark, NJ, and Brooklyn, NY, respectively, where the team captured footage of numerous students currently enrolled in Save The Music, all underscored by the upbeat rhythms of I Need You by multi-Grammy and Oscar-winning artist Jon Batiste — an artist who is himself heavily involved in music education initiatives and was “over the moon” after viewing the final piece. More importantly, the final footage needed to maintain a national focus that would speak to Save The Music’s US-wide efforts.

While on location, 19th & Park DP Parris Stewart also drew on his experience working with children, capturing vibrant footage of the students playing their instruments. Watch below:


“It was important for the final product to feel artistically current,” notes Clenton Hollinger, 19th & Park Associate Producer. “We know that kids are well versed in creating their own media and telling their own stories. Thanks to platforms like TikTok, kids can relay their experience visually. This was something we wanted to implement in the spot.”

From this, 19th & Park utilized iPads to encourage several of the students to capture off-guard and candid moments. “So much of modern social media exists within the intersection of music and dance, so we knew it was an element we had to capture,” explains Hollinger. 

With Save The Music’s film now streaming online, 19th & Park feels confident that the work represents their company’s commitment to community. 

“It’s important to ensure our work is reflective of our shared experiences and that viewers can witness and relate to the stories of the youth involved in this piece,” notes Oaks

“We wanted the anthem film to feel aspirational, showcasing a truth that, regardless of your background or situation, there’s a power in providing support for others to create beauty, color, and music,” concludes Hollinger. “This spot showcases how Save The Music has helped uplift lives by providing that opportunity to communities that need it.”


CLIENT: Save The Music

AGENCY: Matter Unlimited

  • Creative Director: MJ Deery
  • Executive Producer: Meredith Hellman
  • Design Director: Frank William Miller Jr.
  • Creative Director: Jonathan Morffi 
  • Associative Creative Director: Brenda Hernandez
  • CEO/Founder: Rob Holzer 
  • President: Alexandra Gordon
  • Group Account Director: Michael Lebakken
  • Account Director: Christina Mauro 
  • Senior Account Manager: Rosa Viggiano
  • Project Director: Rebecca Calautti
  • Senior Strategist: Remi Adams 
  • Designer: Olivia House


  • Director/Executive Producer: William Oaks IV
  • Director of Photography: Parris Stewart 
  • Associate Producer: Clenton Hollinger 
  • Editors: Darin Quan, Harvey White
  • Music: Jon Batiste, “I Need You”
  • VO: Performing Stars
  • Editors: Darin Quan, Harvey White

COLOR: Company 3

SOUND DESIGN: One Union Recording Studios

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