Ataboy Studios flies with Virgin Galactic




Director Corydon Wagner’s new Virgin Galactic spot out of New York-based production company, Ataboy Studios, is effin’ stunning.

We’ve all heard about Virgin Galactic’s visionary plan for space tourism, and now the company gives us a majestic glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead.

Through the use of exciting, cinematic visuals featuring actual space travel footage from Virgin’s White Knight Two spaceship, this new almost 1:41-minute journey captures the imagination and reinvigorates mankind’s wonder and excitement at the dream of journeying to the unknown through the majesty of outer space travel soon within reach.

Wagner’s visual storytelling transcends viewer consciousness with ethereal visuals and a moving narrative, creating a campaign that champions our future while highlighting fundamental human experiences that schematically shift our understanding of the world we live in.

And that’s why, “Blast 82” is our “Reel Ad of the Week.” And it all begins with a voiceover saying, “Let’s have a surprise…” Watch below:

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There is also an even more amazing BTS video that shows how Wagner shot in zero gravity:

“In setting our sights on Virgin Galactic, a company dedicated to the pursuit of putting people in space, what better way to describe the feeling than to ground it in its earthly counterparts: love, risk, liberation and reaching into the unknown,” shares Wagner. “We’ve all been here, so perhaps we can imagine what it will feel like, one day, to be there.”

Collaborating with agencies, networks, and brands directly, Corydon’s work has spanned the globe from India to South Africa, receiving a Young Director Award at the Cannes Golden Lion Festival amongst a slew of high-profile accolades, while gaining reputation as a digital humanist with a tech-happy streak.

The visuals are once again inspiring and stunning all at the same time and gets a slow, dramatic hand clap from us at Reel 360.

Client: Virgin Galactic

Production Company: Ataboy Studios
   Director: Corydon Wagner
   Executive Producer: Gianni Cerratani
   Producers: Collin Doherty, Marc Reina, Chris Kubik
   DPs: Jonathan Schmidt, Timur Civan
   Production Design: Gino Fortubuono
   Editor: Mickey Todiwala
   Effects: Perry Kroll
   Color: Vladimir Kucherov
   Sound Design & Mix: Weston Fonger
   Music: Mike Dragovic
   Music & Sound Design: Yessian Music
   Audio Post: Vinylmix
   Camera Operator and Underwater Camera Operator: Chris Aran
   Additional Photography DP: Jonathan Schmidt
   White Knight Two and Space Ship Two footage: Virgin Group

SOURCE: Ataboy Studios

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