Ataboy, LA Galaxy pay homage to fans

(Ataboy launches new campaign for LA Galaxy)

Creative production company Ataboy Studios has teamed up with American professional soccer club LA Galaxy to pay homage to their loyal fans with the film, “Amor Eterno.”

Directed by Ataboy Studios Founder and Creative Director Vikkal Parikh, the film employs a warm, congenial animation style to capture a human story about the loyalty of the community of fans surrounding the club.

Designed to connect the 2021 kit of jerseys with their classic inspiration, the 1997-1998 jersey, the video uses bold colors and clean smooth lines to show how that historical jersey is a constant companion throughout key moments in the life of one of LA Galaxy’s biggest fans, symbolizing the broader impact and importance of the club.

“We wanted to create an emotional journey,” says Parikh. “We accomplished that by showing an LA Galaxy fan’s path from childhood to growing up and having her own child as well as how her special jersey was with her throughout her life.”

Vikkal Parikh, Creative Director

According to Parikh, using animation for this project was a no-brainer, but the challenge was really to communicate the LA vibe and bring across that authentic love the fans have for the brand.

“By collaborating with the LA Galaxy team to identify everything that was synonymous with the fanbase, we were able to bring that sunny Los Angeles energy to our designs and make the story feel authentic and grounded,” he adds. Watch below:

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This film follows the previous collaboration of Ataboy and LA Galaxy for the “Stories of ‘96” animated series, featuring episodes like ‘The First Game ft. Cobi Jones‘ and ‘When Mark Abbott Bought LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Jorge Campos a Ferrari‘.

According to Ataboy Studios Senior Producer Rasha Clark, “It was refreshing to work with the LA Galaxy team again. They brought us a vision they needed to communicate, and we were able to run with that and design a whole world for our fans to live in. They instantly loved the look of our characters and the style we brought to the environment.

She noted, “It’s colorful, timeless, and not overly complicated which allows the story to shine through. LA Galaxy was a constant guiding force in maintaining the authenticity of the fanbase and the culture. From what the streetlamps should look like to what neighborhood the characters should be walking through to what LA landmarks to feature, we could not have created the story without their insights. The final product rings true to the fans and has a beautiful, sentimental quality to it.”

The project reinforces Ataboy Studios commitment to telling meaningful stories in ways that relate to the cultures of the brands they work with. Their versatile range of animation styles works to uplift their commitment to honoring the brand story.

Parikh sums it up, saying, “There are lots of little details, moments and flourishes that each artist brought to the project, and that’s a reflection of just how deeply my team thought about the story, and were invested in its creation and delivering the perfect final result.”




  • Director / Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh
  • Senior Producer: Rasha Clark
  • Design / Concept Art: Shantanu Verma
  • Animation: Shantanu Verma, Mayukah Goswami, Juan Jose Diaz Montoya
  • After Effects Compositor and Color Grade: Adam VanDine
  • Creative Direction: Barbara Maningat, Kurt Stoffer, Adam Serrano
  • Sound Design: Kurt Stoffer