Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom trailer finally surfaces

(PATRICK WILSON as Orm and JASON MOMOA as Aquaman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.)

It’s here and honestly, it looks pretty epic. The highly anticipated trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has finally surfaced, and it’s making waves in the superhero film world.

Directed by James Wan, this sequel promises to be a thrilling continuation of Arthur Curry’s journey as Aquaman, played once again by Jason Momoa. While the teaser left fans eagerly awaiting more, the full trailer offers a deeper look into what we can expect from this aquatic adventure.

One of the most noticeable improvements in this sequel is the upgraded special effects. The underwater world of Atlantis, along with its inhabitants, has received a much-needed polish, promising a visually stunning cinematic experience. The vibrant and otherworldly visuals are sure to transport audiences into the depths of the ocean like never before.

A central focus of the film seems to be the dynamic between Arthur Curry and his half-brother Orm, also known as Ocean Master, reprised by Patrick Wilson. Their team-up, despite their tumultuous history, hints at an intriguing and complex relationship that will play a pivotal role in the sequel’s storyline. Fans of the first film will be excited to see how this partnership unfolds.

Intriguingly, the trailer introduces Arthur Curry’s son, potentially opening up new layers to his character and the world of Atlantis. This addition adds an emotional dimension to the story and raises questions about how fatherhood and superhero responsibilities will intersect.

However, the real threat in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom comes from the formidable Black Manta, portrayed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The trailer teases epic battles and confrontations between Aquaman and his arch-nemesis. Black Manta’s quest for power and revenge sets the stage for intense action sequences that promise to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Watch below:


There is also a new poster:

While Arthur Curry, Orm, and Black Manta are front and center in the trailer, Amber Heard’s Mera is notably absent, making only a brief appearance. Given her significant role in the first Aquaman film, fans may wonder about her character’s involvement in the sequel.

One aspect that sets Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom apart is its connection to real-life issues facing our oceans. The film hints at the catastrophic consequences that could occur if Black Manta’s plans are not thwarted, allowing the story to touch on timely environmental themes. This infusion of relevant issues adds depth and relevance to the superhero narrative.

With improved special effects and a formidable antagonist, this underwater adventure is set to captivate audiences when it hits theaters on December 20, 2023.

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